Wednesday’s has given full authority for police to

Wednesday’sreading is concentrated on the matter of gun control in japan. The authorbegins by introducing how rigid the gun control law is in japan, and thereasons behind it. In this reading, the author focuses on several questionsthat make pop up when talking about the Japanese gun control.

Like how therelationship between the people and the government is affected as well as why hasjapan taken this huge step in limiting gun use. First, the author gives a briefhistory about gun possession and gun crime in japan and compares it to the U.S.He also describes the strict procedure that one has to go through in order toget a licensee for having a gun legally. The rules and regulations that a gunpossessor has to go through is intensely highlighted in the reading, displayingrigorous police checkups monthly for any licensed gun user.

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The government hasgiven full authority for police to have searches for any suspicious acts. Theauthor later goes on and lists the reasons on why the gun control works injapan. The first being that japan has set an extensive police authority incharge of this matter. The second would be that japan has no cultural historywith gun ownership by its people. Next, the author presents the manufacture ofgun use in japan and how guns were first introduced into japan.  The idea behindthe Japanese gun control is that it serves as a perfect example of strong governmentand citizens relationship.

It also shows how the Japanese were so attached tothe art of sword fighting, the samurai. They also decided to limit gun usebecause they saw it replacing something they truly valued in their culturewhich is sword fighting. Personally, in my view I think that another mainreason that japan might have set strict gun use regulations would be in orderto reduce violence in their territory.

After the Hiroshima and Nagasakibombings, millions of innocents have died, therefore forcing the Japanese to beaware of any sort of weapon that would potentially increase crime and death inthe country. I believe that the Japanese gun control system works efficientlybecause of the strict effective regulations that the government has set for gunusers. The statistics that are presented in the text all compare Japan’s gun crimerate with the U.

S. This helps in navigating and spotting out the differences inthe outcome of gun control regulations between the two countries. Thecomparison drives a specific idea being that this Gun control system in japanshould also exist in the U.S. The Japanese are one of the most law-abidingcitizen in the world, therefore making this strategic gun control systemsuccessful.  


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