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We live in a time when technology improves faster andfaster and has a huge impact on business. Due to the fact, IT (Information Technology)is part of the business today. However, in the past, the common knowledge saidthat IT department of the organization need to be aligned to the business. ITand the Business’ Department, are two fields that should be integrated. Withthat in mind, it’s necessary that IT department is prepared to support andensure in time. Furthermore,delivery of IT services required for the company’s business and it may also addvalue to the company.

Consequently, the current business practices wouldn’t be possiblewithout IT.ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure) is aframework that was created with the aim of reducing costs and to much bettermanagement of IT service delivery. Nevertheless, implementation of ITIL isn’teasy and it’s common that ITIL implementations end in failure. Moreover, ITILdocumentation clarifies all the processes but it does not tell us how thatimplementation has to be done. In this document, I am going to present how toimplement an ITIL Change Management process within global IT service provider,including the development of the processes, using the best practices ofimplementing information systems, avoiding the most common mistakes in thisfield. The usage of ITIL Change Management is becomingincreasingly requisite for the IT sector, and for businesses, supporting theachievement of strategic planning, target that we live in today, and growth andalignment of IT with business.

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The changes can be welcomed and usually theyhappen to have benefits. The needful action is to manage them the right way andfor every change has an expectation that must be the closest possible to theresult of the change. The main aim of this document is to describe the processesto carry out of the changes in IT environment.

Because today, it’s a highlyimportant environment for the corporation. 


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