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We live in a world where everything is changing and movingreally fast. Not knowing whether that change is for the better or for theworst. Innovation in medicine and health care is one of those changes that isfor the better. These discoveries have helped save millions of people lives,have stopped thousand of diseases to spread and also nowadays one can make moreaccurate diagnosis about different symptoms one can have. Some of theinnovations we are going to mention further on are the functional magneticresonance imaging, laser surgeries, the artificial heart, and the usage ofnanoparticles.

Firstly we have the functional magnetic resonance imaging(fMRI) measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow.So when an area of the brain is in use, the blood flow to that region alsoincreases. This device has taken a great usage these past years also because itdoesn’t involve the individual in any kind of danger such as that of radiation. The only risk there is for people whoare claustrophobic and also it isn’t good for pregnant women to go on with theprocess. The magnetic resonance can be used to monitor brain tumor growth,diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease or even to find out where in the brain theseizures are originating. Secondly there is laser surgery which was firstly used insurgery in 1987.

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This is a type of surgery that uses laser to cut tissues. Itis mostly used in eye surgeries, but in the last years it also has a very wideusage on different parts. Some of the other applications are dermatology andplastic surgery, endovascular surgery, foot and ankle surgery, spine surgeryand so on.We continue on with the artificial heart. This was inventedby Robert Jarvik in 1982.

This device is a replacement for the heart. Obviouslythis has a high benefit which is to lower the need of a heart transplant. Dueto this discovery millions of peoples live have been saved through the years.And the last innovation we are talking about is the usage ofnanoparticles. This is mostly an experiment made from Rutgers University. Thisexperiment was made by a group of scientists which took a mouse model of humanbreast cancer and injecting the animals with nanoprobes, which are tiny opticaldevices that use X-rays to identify micro metastases. The nanoprobes arecarried along by the bloodstream, allowing the researchers to get a quick andreliable image of the location of affected cells in the body.

  They also say that these nanoprobes arefaster than the magnetic resonance and also way more efficient than them.Because not only do they notice the tumor earlier, but also they notice it inits earlier stages something that has never been done before. This is a reallyefficient discovery that will save many more lives. These new discoveries have great benefits and also they havesaved millions and thousands of lives.

We have to admit that medicine ischanging and this is for the better. This way we can rest assured that thefuture will be brighter and safe. 


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