We future engineers. have noticed that engineering education

We Engineers of today are still hard workers as the previous and the upcoming ones.

The only difference is that the new, ambitious, young and fresh minded engineers will always be the ones to upgrade and advance the present inventions.As the years go by, technology gets more advanced. As a result, new devices are introduced to make life simple and the old ones become of no use and we discard them because we say they are outdated. When you put your mind to it attentively, you will notice that the use of the old devices and the new ones are the same or they serve the same purpose. The only difference will be that the new ones have been advanced for some reasons. For example, televisions and cell phones where once big, but with the advanced technology we have the slim and easy to carry ones. Have you wondered how engineers managed to do that? They reduce the number of resistors in a device to make it one resistor instead.

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This has nothing to do with the ohm reading as it doesn’t change. By this, you will notice that engineers are about making life simple than it already is, it doesn’t matter if it is 1980 or 22nd century. Some would say scientists investigate things that already exist and engineers create things that are not existing yet, this is because engineering is about being creative and open minded. To make all the scientific machines or devices to work accordingly, engineers have formed training schedule and educational programs in engineering for the future engineers.

have noticed that engineering education and education of technology change from time to time, this is because there must be new inventions that makes the worlds routine change positively each day. This will result in increasing the employment rate and increase the economy. Engineering is not only about machines and technology but it also involves people and their lives.

I say what engineering holds for us in the future is a surprise because engineering is unpredictable. Engineering has a proud history. Since people started to live in communities, the need for people who knew how to do things was important for survival. Engineering is problem solving and it makes things reasonable, faster and better.

Engineers are treated differently in other countries, especially non-English speaking countries. There engineers are identified or known for keeping advancements on track and raising the quality of life. They are given acknowledgement for the roads, bridges, water and sewage systems, as well as all the new electronic devices.Ultimately, a remarkable focus of engineering is that of the link, relationship or connection and globalization. ?


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