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We all have our favorite sound that is very satisfying and very relaxing. A sound that helps us enjoy our rest more. Some of us uses music as a comforter, and we can even listen to it when we are in our darkest days because in this moment we need music and also we want the lyrics. Sometimes we need to be alone to think but for me it is more helpful if there is music for us to think smoothly and wisely.
I have my favorite and I really like this song entitled “So will I” by Hillsong. This song really helps me to decompress, this song also makes my mind to relax, and to focus on the decisions that I have to make. Looking back to my younger age and also to my very darkest days, I really don’t know what to do and where to go until I decided to listen to my music that was downloaded to my cellphone, then suddenly my favorite song play. When the song started I have a mixed emotions at that time I don’t know why, without even knowing that my tears started to fall, and that was my first reaction; to cry , perhaps, the reason behind my tears is that God is going to lift me and He will give light to my way. Since my favorite song was all about Jesus I can really feel his presence in the atmosphere every time I heard my favorite song. My second reaction was to smile, because this song gives goose bumps to my heart and also helped me realize that I am being loved by God up above, despite of those sins that I had committed, and he will love me and will always guide me throughout my life journey. And lastly my third reaction was to excite myself of what will happen next knowing that that his love for me is eternal and I know also that I am being guided by Jesus Christ, and will I never question myself for not having an attractive and a pleasing personality or beauty and for not having those talents and most specially for not having enough knowledge to use every day or to show and share that I envy others for having those capability to show, but instead I will cheer myself up and I will encourage myself to stand and live the reality bravely and inculcating this quotation that “we are all unique and wonderfully made by God.”
Directly speaking, We all have our darkest days that needs a very relaxing music that has a very satisfying melody to boost our confidence and also makes our day complete that we can face others with a big smile and with a big heart. And my affection to Music is eternal and for me music is also the other way to make ourselves relax in just a minute because sometimes all you need to do is to sit back then turn up the music, and relax.


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