Water iterations we can improve our project.

WaterFall Model  VS  Extreme Programming (XP) WaterFall Model·       In waterfall model we collect the requirements from the Costumer.·       Water fallmodel is easy to use.·       In waterfall model the requirements is study and then develop.·       Feedbackis needed from costumer to understand a phase.·       AfterTesting Software published in the market.Extreme Programming (XP·       In XP wecollect requirements from the costumer as Sorties.·       In XP useKIS (Keep It Simple).·       In XP theproject is divided into iterations.

·       The Costumeralways available.·       All codemust have test. After pass all tests it published in market.   Iterative Model VS  SCRUMIterativeModel·       Using thismodel we can design high level application.

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·       Using thismodel we can build and design application step by step.·       UserFeedback is compulsory how product will work.·       Using thismodel less time on document creating and more time for designing.·       We cancreate rough design and in iterations we can improve our project.Scrum·       Usingscrum we can design high-level design because meeting are held daily. ForProblem Desiccation.·       Teamdecides what they can commit to delivering about project.

·       TeamMaster Satisfy with the project owner.·       Time forPrep of documents is 1 hour and meeting is 4 hours.·       DailyMeeting is 15 minutes what we do today? Any Problem in Project.  Incremental model  VS Feature-Driven Development Incremental Model·       Easier totest in every phase and debug during a smaller iteration. In this modelcustomer can see and behave to each built.·       Earlyrelease starts with small, work subsystem, later releases add new functionality·       This modelis more flexible and less costly to change scope and requirements easy tochange.·       Do workingquickly and early during the software life cycle.Feature-Driven Development·       Five basicactivities, the development of an overall model, the building of a featurelist, the planning by feature, the designing by feature, and the building byfeature.·       FDD wasalso built as domain object modeling, developing by feature and code ownership.·       If it willtake two or more than two weeks, then it will have to be broken down intosmaller features and working on it.·       FDD’s main purpose is to deliver actual, workingsoftware many times in a timely manner.


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