In terrorist organizations today might be the

In his Kaplan’s article on Fifth Wave and “Break Away” Terrorism, he is trying to shine her focus on some terrorist groups in different parts and in turn gives so many theories about the same and in my opinion, I believe the examples she employs do not fit in most of these theories. In one […]

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Abstract intruders out of building premises. It is

AbstractIn today’s Business world , security is of utmost importance and access control is important aspect of security measures taken to ensure safe environment at work place. Modern business in today’s era are constantly exposed to threats and danger ranging from theft to even terrorism. It is the responsibility of executives and business owners to […]

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The Britain and Germany tightened their security with

The specter of transnational terrorism has risen from a peripheral issue of the 1980’s and 1990’s to one of the foremost security challenges that Middle- East Asian region faces. The biggest problem is that the terrorists can easily travel to international borders and after that they will have chance to make chaos in another country.The […]

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Bomb blast at Sibi railway station was the

Bomb blast at Sibi railway station was the day that I will never forget. The train was Jaffer Express and I was travelling with my elder brother and uncle. The situation of Baluchistan was very critical at that time because of terrorism. The train was expected to be at Sibi before 5pm but she was […]

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