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Walking down to the street, you will find technology everywhere.When a passerby walks by me, he wears headphones on his ear and seems to be listening to the song, but if you look closer, you will find his mouth moving and talking. At the beginning, people will Thought he was talking to someone next to him, but in fact, he was calling through headphones. The current technology has made communication a very simple matter.

It is no longer necessary to send a letter to wait for seven or eight days or a power report, as it was before, and it is very expensive. Technology has long changed people’s lives.Weibo, WeChat and many other software enrich people’s lives. You can send your own ideas online to share with people. You can meet and make more friends through the Internet, no longer just limited to the people around you. You can learn a lot of news you don’t know through the Internet.

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You can watch videos you have missed on TV from the Internet, read novels, and no need to pay for it. The network enriches our lives. The network and technology are connected. The technology is developed, the network is more developed, and it can benefit humanity.In the past, people can only copy books by hand, and see the content they like to copy onto paper by hand. It is very inconvenient to copy what content can only be done by copying.

Now, people can use a copy machine to make copies. What they need, they will be copied in a few seconds. It is very simple and fast. Moreover, scientists have invented a 3D printer that can make models and no longer need to draw by hand. Out of the model, you can only observe the graphics on paper. You only need to input the data.

It can automatically create the model. You can take it on your hand and do not need to look at the model on the paper to conceive the model in your head. It must be said that technology is developed and it is more and more beneficial to people.The development of science and technology is very rapid. Only by studying hard to reach a certain height can our students keep up with the development of science and technology and the development of the times. Otherwise, we will be eliminated. Only by learning more knowledge can we not be abandoned by technology.

To contribute to the development of science and technology.


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