“Wag of insight into the world of politics.

“Wag the Dog” is a funny, but yet insightful movie, that provides a lot of insight into the world of politics. It provides remarkable resemblance to many events that has happened in this present time. This film touches on issues many aspects of the truth and the responsibilities we have as a society to insure that it is maintained. “Wag The Dog” demonstrates what kind of influences that politics, the media, and the entertainment world can have on public perceptions. The plot of the film consists of the U.S. President running for a second term. There is only 11 days before the presidential election and he is accused of being sexually involved with a Firefly Girl in the Oval Office.

In order to protect his image and save face with the American population, White House aide Winifred Ames brings in a spin-doctor named Conrad Brean. Brean, know as Mr. Fixit who is masterminded a lot of covering up scandals, has a motto: “to change the story, change the lead.” To distract the press from the Firefly Girl scandal, he advises for the President to extend his trip in Asia in order to buy time to come up with a plan to take the media pressure off this scandal. Brean comes up with a phony international crisis with Albania. He brings in a Hollywood film director named Stanley Moss to produce the war by through the media in order to make it appear to be real.

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With many different tactics and lots of lies and deception, Bream and Moss achieve their goal of taking the taking the attention off the Firefly Girl scandal and getting the President elected for a second term.


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