Vlad pleased by the generous offer from Vlad’s

Vlad the Impaler, a piece of dracula, by jared pallo In several ways Vlad the Impaler influenced people. Many people believe Dracula to be a real person, but he may not be real, though, Vlad the Impaler was. His life made him like Dracula starting at a young age.

He also fought in many wars making him go insane. He later started becoming upsest with power and blood making him evil. However, like all warlords, he was struck down by his enemy after fighting many great battles. His characteristics are very similar to Count Dracula’s. He started to become like Dracula at a young age, he didn’t just decide to become evil one day. He became a monster the day his father gave him and his brother away to Turkey. Vlad’s father used them like bargaining chips or peace offerings from the earlier war. The Sultan of Turkey was pleased by the generous offer from Vlad’s father.

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Vlad’s father  made Vlad and his brother prisoner’s of bargaining for Turkey. The sultan started to raise them like two of his own sons teaching them many things such as art, song, and some he taught them how to fight. Vlad later betrayed the Sultan when he inherited his father’s throne once he died in 1436. This made Vlad feel like a tool from the past trade. He felt like his power was gone and didn’t know what to do.

He started to hate his real father and that was when he started to become a cruel person known as Vlad the Impaler. Due to the amount of war Vlad had experienced, he started to have a greater relationship with blood and violence. Vlad started to devise new plans in order to make his city “clean”, something he said his father could never do. He started to bring homeless subjects of his city into buildings on cold days. He would give them food and water and betray them in a sad and cruel way. He would have the doors and windows locked and boarded up, then he would burn the whole entire building down to the ground leaving nothing but ash. He started killing so many people that piles of bodies started to form.

He had the bodies impaled on large poles and stuck the poles in the ground outside of the city. They finally became fields of bodies, piled up and left behind. This gave a warning to any who wanted to do bad in Vlad’s kingdom. Also, whenever he was bored, he would ask his servants to bring a bowl of blood of his most recent victim, and when he was alone, he would then sit by a fire and dip bread into the bowl and eat it. He told his servants it made him feel powerful and bold.

How ever the poem that told of this was translated wrong. This meant instead of eating blood he would wash his hands in a golden bowl full of blood before dinner. This would show that he was taking in the power from the previous enemy he had killed or defeated.Vlad ruled his throne in several good ways. He was easily known as a follower of war and violence.

Vlad started a war with the  Turks after had obtaining his throne. He later had many other wars, but also learned a lot from them that helped him gain success in his battles. He learned how to analyze the enemy and knew how to use others to manipulate them. This is how he became skilled at winning all of the wars he began against other countries. His image of the bloodsucker Dracula seemed to start to form during his times at war.

He tried fighting the Turks and thought he would be successful. The Turks came towards the city in awe seeing the bodies impaled on giant rods in the harsh fields. The Turks later overpowered Vlad and got him in a corner, to pay for his crimes. They had overpowered Vlad leaving him helpless as a king.He was later beheaded and as a show of proof his head was brought back to the sultan. The General who lead the Turks was Vlad’s brother.

Unlike Vlad, his brother stayed loyal to the sultan and became a soon to be leader of the Turks.To this day, many people know Vlad as the inspiration of the monster Dracula. These facts help us learn that even though Vlad was evil, he still taught many important lessons on how countries leaders ruled. It was later found out that after Vlad was killed that zero crime had happened in his country during his time of reign.

This was due to such harsh punishments for small crimes.


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