Visual aural medium and is intangible, but

Visual Representation of Music
Cheng Lap Yi (Felix)1 Introduction topic:
Music is a aural medium and is intangible, but music have a intimate
relationship with the visual. What can be consider as the visual of music,
album cover, poster, or the singer; the answer is all of it. No matter which
kind of representation of music, fundamentally they all are the extension
of the expression of the music.But music himself is a from of expression all
along, so what is the significance of the visual, why music need to have a
visual representation. it come down to what define music it is the
melodic the lyric or the rhythm, those thing are interchangeable. you
can gave a rapper a classical beat the song will still consider a rap,
all of the style is just a way of deliver. Is the history and the value define
music, cause music is art and art is life. The visual is the more direct way
to express and explain your life beside word, and the choice of visual can
deliver way more than you expect.

This project will more likely be a heritage and culture exhibition.
The purpose of this project is to change the audience attitude
and perception towards music,by express and explain the
deep meaning of music through the visual. The goals is to
make people more appreciate music and enjoyment music
in a different way. The exhibition will showcase some painting,
poster, album cover, outfit etc. Therefore the audience of the
exhibition will mainly be designer, artist, musician and student
of those aspect. Base on the above information the exhibition
will be a temporary museum exhibition, in some venue highly
relate to design or music. In the future i will analysis the topic
more in-depth and shrink drop it to several classify. And specify
the relationship between the class and type of music

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