Virgin of this is that the managers

Virgin Atlantic communicate easily with their stakeholders in a variety of ways. An example of this is that the managers of the business will have meetings with the owners and then the manager there will then have a formal meeting with their emplohyees to update them on what needs to be done and what the aim is now. They communicate with their customers by maybe sending out emails and letters to their consistent customers letting them know what they are working on for the business and how it benefits the customers, also telling them their latest deals and discounts etc.Virgin Atlantic engage with their employees through direct staff communications (meetings, email etc..) internal training and development and annual staff engagement survey.

They interact with their guests in many ways such as websites, social media, market based research and focus groups and guest contact centre. With the unions they get in contact with them directly and regularly with union leaders being a topic including negotiating awards, health and safety and enterprise bargaining agreements. Their suppliers are contacted through contract execution, procurement and contract management.

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