Village a village is contented and peaceful.The

Village life refers to the living condition of the rural people.City life refers to the life of urban people. The village feeds and clothes people and the city provides learning and culture.

There is a wide gap between the two in the matter of amenities of life.This gap must be bridged or at least made narrow.The villagers also should enjoy some of the comforts enjoyed by the people living in the cities.There is absolute peace,the people are simple and they love and share with one another and live like one big family.A village atmosphere gives relief to a tired mind.

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Most people in a village are agriculturists.Crimes are less in villages. But life in the village has its own drawbacks.Educational and medical facilities,sources of recreation and opportunities of employment are very rare.Most of the people are illiterate.Poverty,ignorance and the rise in population are a curse in the villages.

The life in a village is contented and peaceful.The pleasure one derive from the life in a village is very great.The village people always try to protect their traditional habits and culture.


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