”’Vietnam of protecting their home .anyways, none

”’Vietnam war”’As human beings each person with facing to the ”war concept” based on their nature which is peace should try to step back from it . However this may not happen always to all countries and their people .sometimes a few countries put their nation to the war on the Alter of power and ambition.on the other hand a few more countries get involved to the war on the basis of protecting their home .anyways, none of the excuses above will make getting involved to a war an acceptable issue .Vietnam war which is also known as second Indochina war was a conflict which took place in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia .It happened from november1st in 1955 and it continued till april30 in1975 which is roughly 20 years which was United States longest war and their first defeat.The main cause of Vietnam war revolves around American belief which was that communism is threatening to expand in all over south and east Asia .Statistically, on that time Vietnam was divided to two parts which one of them was north Vietnam and their communist allies such as china ,North Korea ,Soviet Union and Cuba .on the other side of the war South Vietnam which was a anti communist side of Vietnam and their main ally which was United States and others such as South Korea,thailand,philipines,laos and Taiwan .finally ,that war ended without any conclusion and it took huge amount of money and time from people and it left lots of innocent victimsSo, me as an individual when I put myself in this age on a war situation with considering each person in my family who mean a world to me even my friend also my future I would not accept participating in the war which got started from my own country specially when its on the alter of power I think thats damages me for no reason .however if any foreign country is heading to put my family and my fellow countrymans in danger will definetly get involved to the war in any role to help my country to be protected Hopefully we will not have any wars any where anytime anymore.


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