Video As a result, adolescents will look lightly

Video games are increasingly being played around the world by various groups of people. In the newspapers of the local newspaper, especially the Daily News, it is often said that articles about various video games like ‘Dota’, ‘Pokemon Go’, and ‘Candy Crush Saga’ are becoming more and more fun nowadays. A renowned social activist once said that the video game that became a teenager madness has now affected their everyday lives unknowingly.

Video games and adolescents can not be separated as stuffed with nails. The question is, what are the effects of video games that are not controlled by adolescents?      Furthermore, the decline in adolescent lesson performance is one of the effects of uncontrolled video games. Teens will spend their time playing video games instead of reviewing the lessons, doing homework and homework provided by their teachers. This makes their academic performance go down from time to time and will disturb the school and parents.

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As a result, adolescents will look lightly on their studies and do not seek to improve their academic performance and not have the competitive nature of the Malay proverb if it is not resolved to break the ruyung. Obviously, one of the consequences of unreliable video games is that the achievement of adolescent lessons will decline. Furthermore, between the outcome of a video game that is uncontrollable to teenagers is a much more relaxed family relationship. This is mentioned because teenagers do not spend their time with family members because they are too busy with video games and give a lot of excuses when reprimanded. For example, while waiting for the food ordered at the restaurant to be served, family members should take advantage of the time to joke and interact with them rather than playing video games so that not exactly the Malay proverbs like the enau in the bushes release their respective shoots. Through the interaction between family members will be able to strengthen family ties to conform to the proverbial term of chopped water will not break. The relationship, family relationships will be strangled as a result of video games that are not controlled by adolescents who are in the hope of this country.

Besides that, video games that are not controlled by adolescents are affecting their health. This is the case because when they are influenced by video games, teens will be more concerned about themselves. For example, teenagers will leave their meals because they feel like playing video games.

When a person’s eating pattern is irregular, his health will be affected because it does not get enough nutrients and substances to grow and fight disease and lower the level of immune resistance of a person. Furthermore, their sleep time will be disturbed due to the drowsiness of the drowsiness hormone that is melatonin hormone stunted by eye exposure to light from the video game tool. Obviously, teen health will be affected as a result of unmanageable video games.

   In conclusion, there are various effects that teenagers suffer from uncontrolled video games. Therefore, adolescents should have a high degree of determination to trick the video game from affecting the lives of teens because of the circulation of water due to the sewer, the human round of consolation. Through this determination, it is hoped that it will produce juveniles who excel in education, healthy body, open minded, intelligent communicate and socialize and have good relationship with family members. The adolescent with the above features will be able to advance the country for being a distinguished figure.

Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib once said that to see the future of a country, look at his young children as they are the determinants of future state direction in order to be more advanced and comparable to great country


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