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Victoria Falls is in Livingstone, Zimbabwe and is named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain. It is one of the largest falls in the world and one of the most popular. Weathering, erosion, deposition were the main ways that the Victoria Falls were made.

But how did weathering, erosion, and deposition make it. The Gorge that goes into the falls takes all the water and falls of the edge and every time all that water hits the bottom it carves out the dirt under the water a the dirt goes down stream and pile up on the shore and form the a sandy shore like at the beach. And that’s an example of weathering and erosion. Then deposition puts it in a spot that makes it steady and look like one structure.This process has happened for so many years that it makes the Gorge larger. That makes it so more water can get through so the falls have to get bigger because all of that water can’t go into one place so the falls get wider.The formations of the Victoria falls started 200 million years ago in the dinosaur age or time period.

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The process takes many years but overall the changes that weathering erosion and deposition have made happen are significant from 200 million years ago to now.The Climate affects the people because it is hot in different times so it affects what time of year people come. It is most hot in September, October, and November so not lots of people will come then. It is colder in June and July so not a lot of people will come then. But in January, February, March, April, and May its perfect so a lot of people will come then. Because if it’s to hot they will be focused on how hot it is and not the falls, and also get dehydrated or another health problem.

If it’s to cold they will be really cold might get diseases from being to cold. The way that weathering, erosion, deposition affect the falls has been going on for along time and is still happening. So it is very important in the process of the victoria falls. The climate affects the people and when they visit the falls so that’s important for the falls because the more people the more popular it will get.


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