Victims to which also restrict role of

Victims of crime in India face multi-dimensional problems. The filing complaint is a still a challenging task and victims play no role unless the police consider it necessary. The other big problem in India is defective and influenced investigations due to which also restrict role of victim in criminal justice system. There are serious consequences of crime, on one hand victims of crime suffer economic problems to the family due to the death of the only earning member of the family and on the other hand physical disability caused by victimization develop inferiority complex in the victim, which lead to frustration and sometimes to suicide.

Rape cases in India increased very fastly in recent years and victims of rape facing the social stigma today. Victims of any crime and of human rights violations (regardless of their legal status) have a right to be compensated for the losses sustained due to the crime committed on her/him. Compensation can be sought through criminal, civil or administrative procedures, and can be awarded for material (including unpaid wages and medical expenses) and nonmaterial (such as for pain, suffering and trauma) damages.

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