Various auditing of Apple. These techniques could also

Various techniques are available which can help in auditing of Apple.

These techniques could also help in analysing the external factors that can affect or are affecting the marketing planning of Apple. It is necessary that audit should be done on regular basis on Apple, this kind of activity helps in managing all the aspects of the organisation and helps in removing the vulnerabilities. Therefore, for auditing it is necessary that the organisation should apply certain set of technologies which could help in bringing effective set of results as an outcome. Hence, various techniques are:SWOT Analysis: With the help of SWOT analysis organisation will be able to gather the information regarding the areas of strengths it has, areas of weaknesses, opportunities and threat that can affect the organisation in market (Toledo, et. al., 2014).

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SWOT analysis will provide a blue print to the auditor which will help in bringing out the areas that need the focus of the organisation or the areas which are required to be improved. An effective set of information regarding the internal process of the company could be gained by the auditor with the help of SWOT analysis.PESTEL Analysis: PESTEL analysis stands for the analysis of political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal contract attached with the organisation. These are the external factors that could affect the processing of the organisation. Gaining information regarding all these aspects will help the auditor in making effective set of decisions regarding the policies and procedures of the company. Porter’s Five Forces: According the Michel Porter there are five external forces that can affect the organisation. Auditor of Apple will have to analyse all the forces are somewhere all these forces are related with the stakeholders of the company.

Therefore, gaining information regarding the external forces of the company auditor will be able to share effective set of information with the company and will be able to help the company in decision making aspects.There are several other techniques also that could be used by the auditor for auditing purpose like posting verification, extension verification, vouching verification, confirmation, physical examination reconciliation and testing (Gupta, et. al., 2016).


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