Using these correct grammar in

Using these correct grammar in a business environment is essential, as it not only makes the company look more professional but it also prevents misunderstandings from either the patient or the company when looking back on what they’ve said. Correct grammar must be used in all types of communication including, face to face, over the phone, letters, emails and faxes. Sentence structure is important when communicating as it makes the recipient more understanding of the situation. Varying sentence structure will also help as it allows you to emphasise certain points, which will also create a better understanding of the situation.

Confusion between parties could cause a lot of problems within a business environment. For example at Chirk Surgery, if a patient was to misunderstand something the doctor has mentioned it may cause them to become panicked. When communicating correct punctuation and spelling is also essential to avoid confusion. For example, giving instructions to patients with incorrect punctuation or spelling may lead to a mistake which could be harmful to themselves or others e.g medication.

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It could also lead to a misinterpretation and completely change the meaning behind what’s been said/wrote. Using the correct conventions is essential during communication in the business environment as it makes the information readable and understandable. Conventions will need to be changed in different types of communication to suit the audience of the information being received.


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