urinalysis and involves assemblage a small amount

urinalysis it is a diagnostic test that is used very often in medicine and involves assemblage a small amount of urine and then analyze it in the laboratory. thanks to that we can obtain information that helps with the diagnosis of common or urgent pathologist. the analysis of urine is a test that is used very frequently in medicine because it does not cause great discomfort when done it is very cheap and can provide a lot of useful information. that is why it is routinely requested to detect many diseases in early stages or to control their treatment.the diseases in which a urinalysis is most requested are those that affect the kidney glomerulonephritis urinary stones etc. but it is also requested in systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or autoimmune diseases rheumatoid arthritis lupus it is also useful in detecting urine infections whether they are mild or severe infections complicated cystitis or pyelonephritis. The study of urine is the oldest laboratory test. In the fifth century BC, Hippocrates wrote
a book about uroscopy and the clinicians of that time concentrated their diagnostic efforts
in those concepts. For example, diagnosed diabetes, if the patient urinated on the ground, soon there were ants. In addition, in the drawings of
caveman, in the Egyptian hieroglyphs and in Edwin Smith’s surgical papyri, the doctor is observed examining his
flavor and making a diagnosis by observing color, turbidity, smell and volume.


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