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Upon graduation, I intend to return to Canada and begin practice as an obstetrics/gynecologist. I would especially want to focus on the maternal and mental health of women especially immigrant women. Studies have shown that these are one of the understudied immigrants in Canada, due to a myriad of reasons, such as language barrier, cultural sensitivity and sometimes inherent bias.
About 20% of Canadian population are immigrants, many of them are young women in their child bearing ages. Most of the new immigrant mothers received inadequate prenatal care because of some the factors mentioned above. Often, cultural needs and expectations are unknown or are not met. The language barrier tends to create a challenge between the immigrants and the healthcare provider. Sometimes this challenge pushes the immigrant women to stop receiving care and look elsewhere for care. Oftentimes medically advised food is not palatable to these immigrant women who would continue to eat culturally preferred food. Additionally, prenatal care has been found to more likely among immigrant women mostly because they do have family support. Also, most of them experience poverty.
Unfortunately, these issues are oftentimes ignored when providing care to these women. As an immigrant mom myself, I would incorporate information sessions and programs to address these needs to improve the health of these population both pre-natal and post-natal, taking into considering their cultural values. I would also find places where they are likely to be found like churches and mosque to ensure they are aware of the resources available to them. I would have something like a questionnaire that asks specific questions about the kind of support they mostly need and provide them with information on how to get those support.


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