UNIT the consumer could directly view the

UNIT TITLE   Articulate, present and debate idea
ID?  ASLI 1122
1.choose a theme to use for your starting point
Theme: how technological changes are consistently transforming the way consumers look about property
Develop a message for communicating.

REA team is the market-leading digital media business, specializing in property.as a major player in the evolution of property technology, not just in Australia, but globally. This technological had such a wonderful experience to deliver an incredibly compelling experience that has driven our motivation levels all the way!Whether we are researching floor plans or collecting ideas, grab the headset and controller and be prepared to make ourselves at home. Go for a walk through a handpicked selection of interesting dream houses and see property in a new perspective.The new Real-estate shown virtual technologies lets consumers move through some amazing spaces letting them see details like never before.The Executive Director and Chief Executive OfficerMs Tracey Fellows saidthat We will continue to grow into new markets and broaden our services to meet the needs of consumers throughout their property lifecycles”
Write a short story script that highlights a point of interest or a relevant experience.

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In china we can see some like atm machine that in the shopping Centre, but what the machine sale is the houses. That is a very good new idea for selling house like that, the consumer could directly view the house use handpick, and decided to buy it.The house marketing slowdown in Melbourne and Sydney is dominating headlines, but the reality is the market is highly divergent. On one hand, Sydney prices have declined by 7% year-by-year, while on the other extreme, Hobart continues to surge, the prices rising by 16%.Pricing data is consistent with what we are observing based on over 79 million searches to the ‘buy’ section of realestate website last quarter Across all measures of demand – including buyer demand, rental demand and property seekers from offshore – Sydney is experiencing the biggest drawbacks.Melbourne is still holding. Pricing is up year-on-year and although activity among offshore buyers is cooling off, foreign investors are still actively looking for properties in the city. Softening market conditions are now starting to take hold and, surprisingly, given the widespread concern about apartment over-supply, in relative terms, it is housing demand that has weakened more.

Show the key points/ message, or some selected images that you have printed for displaying.

REA’s Business Strategy

2. write down how you would present this, considering the opinions of others and the ways that people receive and respond to ideas, and if there are any risks that you may need to take in your presentation.

Firstly I will show them about the half year highlights: realestate website is the #1 place for propertyacross all platforms 1Launch of realestate website Home LoansNew consumer websites and app experience in AsiaMore than 11.9 million visits to Lifestyle since launch222% growth in site visits3 for realcommercialRealestate website is No. 1 across all platforms
Outperforming the competition – the largest and most engaged audience

Secondly, I would like show them about the app: realestate website is Australia’s #1 property app, Our superior mobile experience means we have the leading property app

At the end, tell them Delivering on our purpose and strategy, Change the way the world experiences property.

Global network

Building a strong international business, Global strategy to focus on Asia provides long-term revenue and growthopportunity
• New websites and apps across all consumer brands
• Number one in Malaysia1
3. how would you communicate this to a group of senior management and also to a group of work colleage?
The easy and simple way to present the new REA technologies to audience is show them on the computer, and explain this , directly show how to use this, they would felt how amazing about this.

In May this year, a team of product managers, designers and engineers and Google makes new product announcements to the global developer community.

Working on this app has been a huge first step towards our 3D product future. While virtual reality is undoubtedly still in it’s infancy, we see it as a technology that will become an increasingly useful tool, especially its ability to give time back to property seekers when they’re searching for their next home or rental.

Given our focus on invention and the future of property technology, a move into the virtual reality space was an obvious one. The gives us a place to experiment with what VR is capable of, while giving our users exciting new experiences.We’re constantly learning and evolving when bringing new products to market that push the boundaries of what is possible.real-estateVR represents an important step towards bringing real estate to life in new technology.real-estate VR is available in the Google Play Store for use on Daydream view.

4. what enabling skills would you look for in your audience, in order to help you start your discussions?
clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across.we should know exactly what you want to say and the order in which you want to say it. Clarity of ideas and good organisation should result in a lively, logical and compelling message.in this position, the first thing we do is open up PowerPoint, then we should probably first spend some time developing your presentation skills. Delivering an inspirational or captivating presentation requires a lot of preparation and work.

we have decided the presentation method, on the key messages, and thought about organising material, we next need to think about how to present. Presentations range from the formal to the informal, and the choice of presentation method will depend on many factors, including the audience, the venue, the facilities, and the own preferences. And we will need to know own abilities and decide how best to make the presentation. We might manage the talk by using full text, notes on cue cards, keywords on cue cards, or mind maps.

When using data that is important to remember that many people find numbers difficult to understand. Asking a few questions is other idea improve the presentation. Some speakers prefer questions to be raised as they arise during the presentation whilst others prefer to deal with questions at the end. At the start of your presentation, you should make clear your preferences to the audience.

5. present your presentation to the class and convey the message clearly to the audience. Ask if there are any questions on this, and clarify any points as needed.

Do you interest this new technology?
Have you ever had the experience about it?
How the business intract more oversea buyer from this technology?


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