Unit such as wheelchairs, pump beds, hoists and

Unit 3: P1, P2, M2Hazard means something that is dangerous and likely to cause damage. Hazards potentially exist for staff, visitors and individuals, if care is not taken to reduce risk to a minimum. There are health hazards, safety hazards and security hazards. In this essay I’ll be focusing on the hazards that can arise in residential care homes.

-7524753873500Hazardous EquipmentOne hazard that elderly people can be prone to is caused by equipment. Things such as wheelchairs, pump beds, hoists and electrical equipment’s can cause crushing injuries such as smashed fingers, electric shocks, as well as cuts and bruises. This can be prevented by making sure electrical equipment is kept dry, and routinely checking beds, wheelchairs etc.

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Hazardous Working PracticesIf you do not follow through with working practices it could lead to a fire. Every member of staff should be aware of the fire regulations and should know what to do when a fire occurs. If a fire does happen, elderly people can be at the risk of burns, smoke inhalation and death. Things such as overloaded sockets, blocked fire exits and people smoking can be possible causes of fire. This can be avoided by having designated smoking areas and ensuring that cigarettes are put out properly. Furthermore, as elderly people’s mobility is slow, they need help getting out. Staff should ensure that fire exits are clear and available.408559038925500Hazards from Infections Infections can easily be spread within a care home if regulations aren’t followed.

Sneezing can cause the cold to be passed around; if they are no tissues accessible and if people are not hygienic it would make things worse. If an elderly person falls ill it may make their condition worse as they are prone to illnesses because of a weak immune system. It can be reduced if antibacterial hand wash, tissues and such resources are available throughout the facility.Physical EnvironmentUnfortunately, such things as wet/slippery floors, debris on floor and inappropriately placed electric cables, cause slipping, tripping or falling. The effect of this is that it can result in minor injuries such as cuts to major injuries such as broken bones, concussion and even death. This not only affects the service user, but it also affects visitors and staff.

In order to prevent this; proper maintenance should be enforced and regular checks of the area should be taken place.Another environmental hazard that could put patients at risk of harm is the lighting. Poor lighting affects elderly clients 3219450126746000who have weak vision; as it makes it hard to see your surroundings. This could lead to someone tripping over and harming them, and it also causes confusion and panic.Security Systems Security systems need to be in place in order to protect patients, staff and the public/visitors from harm on day-to-day basis. Care homes tend to often spread over large areas making them a prime location for criminals or harmful people. The harm that can occur if there isn’t any security in place could be robbery, data of patients being stolen and violent altercations. If you maintain security well and have certain security stems such as access-control systems then it could be prevented.

Hazardous Substances417195076136500Lastly, hazardous substances such as chemical agents are a hazard in the care home. Chemical agents cause adverse health effects such as latex allergy, dermatitis and respiratory problems. It can be caused by exposure to latex consumables, soaps, detergents and solvents or breathing fumes such as chlorine hypochlorite, ammonia and sulphur dioxide. .


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