Unilever Also is Unilever the manufacturer of

Unilever Name: Nicky van BelleClass: IB1CDelivery time:The contents Inhoudsopgave TOC o “1-3” h z u Geen inhoudsopgavegegevens gevonden.The role of marketing in organisationsThe role of marketing is very important. Large and small organisations are striving for the same market. In this assignment I will explain which marketing techniques Unilever use to market a product in an organisation.

First I will explain which techniques Unilever use and then the organisation which I choose. What Unilever is doing, is that they market their products from business to business. Examples are Lipton which I describe later in this assignment, Becel, Axe, Ola, Vaseline, Knorr ,Rexona etcetera. Also is Unilever the manufacturer of 400 companies.The marketing techniques which Unilever use are communicate with their clients, that Unilever very responsible is for advertisement and marketing , the brand awareness, the marketing in food, for children and they are promoting things like healthy body images. Communicating with clientsUnilever use websites, channels, special phone lines or numbers so that they can help their customers online.

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They support the consumer to show what the substances are and if the substances in it are right so they have the right information with understatements so that there is no risk for their consumers.Advertisement and marketing Unilever is a global company so that means that they have to make good advertisements and a good marketing for their consumers. They show that to make different brands who matter and advertisements. Unilever make marketing and advertisements all over the world, like on television, show the famous logos on billboard during a soccer match . Brand awareness Brand awareness is very important for the consumers but also for the company, also for the business on social media. Consumers will buy products when they recognize the well-known logo because it is famous and they know it’s a good quality like Coca-Cola or Nespresso.

For the company is the brand awareness important because if a company has a new product or a new service, the consumers can decide which product better is ,so there coming competitions between companies. It also improve the lives of the consumers. Marketing in food and children Since 2003, Unilever started to apply their own kind of marketing for food products. Unilever is responsible for the children who look at the advertisements so they have to act that everything of Unilever is right. What Unilever also does is that if you buy an product for water, then your money goes to a charity for the people who don’t have clean drink water. One of the principles that Unilever has to show is that they have to say how their products LiptonI choose Lipton, because I think that this is a good example for marketing in organisations.

I would like to explain the business aim and objectives, marketing aims and objectives, marketing concept, Ansoff analysis, branding strategy and costumer relationship marketing concept (CRM).Business aims and objectives Business aims and objectives means that the goals a business sets to increase productivity and sales. The business objectives of Lipton in the private sector will survival and grow. In the private sector , companies make a profit.

When the businesses set objectives, they have to make sure that these are SMART.Marketing aims and objectives The marketing aims are different from a business objectives. Both use SMART, but marketing is based on factors other than growth and survival. Market leadershipMarketing strategies and techniques Lipton has chosen a niche market, that means that they go for large share of a few products, but the people of Lipton think that it has to change for new products.

The target group of Lipton is basically ranging from 15 to 60 years. So Lipton has focused on the middle class and the upper class, because the special tastes are not for everyone. It is especially for the classy people who would like to have a great lifestyle. But nowadays, the target group of Lipton is for the people who are hip and trendy. The Lipton products have a high price , because the quality of Lipton tea is also very high. Lipton would like that their consumers have comfort and pleasure when they drink their tea.

For years of any problems , it’s been solved of drinking a cup of tea as example: in families and between husband and wives. So the aim of Lipton is to add sunshine to your day with the first sip of goodness. The product of Lipton can you buy in stores, supermarkets and offices. Ansoff Matrix The original Ice tea pack Ice tea green, mint lime, raspberryIce tea zero The tea bags and glass


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