UNDERWAY and New Zealanders on Gallipoli Peninsula by

UNDERWAYWe publish today a brilliant description of the landing of the Australians and New Zealanders on Gallipoli Peninsula by that experienced war correspondent, Mr Ashmead Bartlett. It is a thrilling story, a story that will make us all feel proud of our soldiers. They have shown that even though they love these southern skies, they headed of and adapted to the Egyptian weather and then on to Gallipoli.

They were in a desperate position when they landed on the narrow beach in the dawn, but they did not hesitate. They destroyed the Turkish trenches on the cliffs, without the support of artillery. Their courage saved the British army. And no troops that ever lived have done better. The battle, or, rather, series of battles, continues to rage, but there must be now large force on the small strip of country from Gaba Tepe to the point of the peninsula.

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We now hear of Indian troops being at Gallipoli as well as French and British. The great battle is said to proceed for a great length of time, the main point of the attack was to prevent a division of Turkish reinforcements from joining the main forces. It is most likely that it is the ANZAC forces that engaged in this operation.The Austrians claim a good win in West Galicia, but they could never force the Russians from any position they wanted to keep the Germans, away on the Donigetz River to the east and south-east of Cracow, and with the help of heavy guns have caused the Russians to fall back in that region from the Donigetz and Binla rivers to Jazlo and Biecz on the Wistoka River which is the line they held six weeks ago. Here, doubtless, the advantage of the heavy guns is lost.

The Russians made a strategic movement, which does not weaken, but probably strengthens their line, and does not affect the general situation


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