Understanding and process Managing quality Location and

Understanding Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementEssay Planning FormStudent Name: Date: Which organisation (s) would you like to choose? Please tick one option and write the name of organisation (s) of your selected option. Hospital: Automotive company: Which of the two areas would you like to investigate?New product/ service development and process Managing qualityLocation and LayoutManaging people in operation and supply chainsLogistics mix: Channels, networks, transportation, managing inventory and capacityManaging business relationships in supply chainsJIT and LeanGive a brief outline of how you are going to tackle the essay in view of:The context of the essay (e.

g. NHS, Private hospitals, successful hospitals, any specific hospital, National automotive companies, successful automotive companies, Pioneer automotive companies, …) including examples that you intend to use:The command words (e.g. Discuss etc):List three initial discussion or analysis points that you intend to form the main part of your essay (with respect to your selected areas)Outline which theories you intend to include in your analysis within the essay (e.g. House of Quality for product design or TQM for Managing quality)List three key resources that you will be consulting in your planning. These resources should be used for either data collection of your selected organisation or finding appropriate theories and successful examples that could be applied to the selected organisation (s).

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