Uber the driver is safe, experienced, and not

Uber and Lyft obviously do more harm than good. Hello my name is Vinh Phan, and I firmly stand on the proposition side of this debate, stating that Uber and Lyft do more harm than good. My roadmap for to day is to first strengthen my own team’s points, then refute the opponent. My first point, is safety. Uber and Lyft have low credential standards and doesn’t do enough background checks when appointing their employees and all. They don’t take the time to ensure that the driver is safe, experienced, and not some crazy person. We never know who might be picking us up, where they might take us, how they might drive, etc. another thing, when picking up thoroughly the app, their could be people hacking your phone to get the location, come and pick you up, and potentially kidnap you, or sexually assault you. 103 uber drivers are documented of sexual assault in the US. This doesn’t count the people who also do it undercover. My second point is that Uber and Lyft underpay their drivers. Low prices negatively impact drivers’ earnings. While the applications are hailed by customers as user-friendly, it is important to remember that drivers are the ones providing the service in the name of UBER and similar enterprises. In major cities like New York, drivers are encouraged by UBER to purchase late model cars that can cost upwards of 60 to 70 thousand dollars (for SUVs and luxury cars), and some drivers still rent cars weekly from third parties. They bear most of the costs associated with the service (e.g. fuel and repairs). The drivers therefore contribute greatly to the brand of UBER. Initially, drivers used to rely on the surge prices to make up for low fares (as compared to those for limousine or car services) and infrequent trips (as compared to those of taxis). However, with the continued intake of new drivers by UBER and its competitors, and their price competition, drivers’ average earnings are being pushed downward. This means that drivers have to work longer hours to earn an income comparable to what they would have earned a year or two years ago. Unfortunately, while this means that there’s a larger supply of drivers, longer hours behind the wheel will jeopardize the safety of both drivers and passengers. These conditions, coupled with customer trip cancellations, which can cause a driver to miss opportunities to make money during the busiest hours, can have a negative impact on drivers’ earnings and morale. REFUTE


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