Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases and remains to affect the human being, which endures to be a major health problem worldwide, despite being preventable and treatable. Every year thousands of people die, most of them in poor areas, due to a condition that is treatable and for which the intervention of health professionals is of great importance, especially nurses who are trained to offer education to the community. TB is concentrated in vulnerable areas and groups, where poverty predominates, malnutrition and overcrowding. According to Readhead (2017), the World Health Organization, reports that a one third of the population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and approximately 9.4 million new cases were reported in the world (equivalent to 137 cases per 100 000 inhabitants), and 9,557 cases in USA of active disease diagnosed in 2015 alone. The largest number of cases it was presented in Asia (55%) and Africa (30%), while a smaller percentage was presented in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (7%), the European Region (4%) and the Region of the Americas (3%).


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