Trivandrum: not produced in the court by

Trivandrum: Completing 771 days of protest, Sreejith gets support from the social media. sreejith hasbeen protesting outside the kerala secretariat for 771 days demanding justice for his brother Sreejeev’sdeath, who was taken into custody by the Parassala police in May 2014 on a theft case and he died inpolice custody on 21st May 2014. According to the police Sreejeev commited suicide by consumingpoison, which he had hidden in his underwear. But sreejith says that his brother was murdered by thepolice.

” My brother was arrested by the police on a false theft case. He was in relationship with a girl, who wasa relative of a policeman. He was arrested on the day before her wedding” Sreejith said.Sreejith started his protest in 2015, when the Kerala government refused to order a CBI enquiry on thecase.

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Sreejeev was arrested and not produced in the court by the police, even though they had toproduce the victim in court within 24 hours of arrest. This strengthens Sreejith’s statement.The issue went viral on the social media after a news channel published the news story detailing aboutsreejith’s protest. And a facebook campaign #JUSTICEFORSREEJITH was launched . People from allover Kerala came together and organised a rally towards the secretariat, demanding justice for Sreejith.Even the film stars came along by offering support to Sreejith, including Actor Tovino Thomas, NivinPauly and Priyanka Nair.The state police complaint authority which ivestigated on the death case confirmed that Sreejeev wasdied due to the torture in police custody.Finally with the help of social media campaign the opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala met Sreejithand offered him support.

Two years ago when Ramesh Chennithala was the Home Minister , Sreejithhad approached him with the case, and he did not take any actions on it. Ramesh Chennithala wasrepeteadly asked about this by the protestors, on which he kept quiet.Sreejith believes that only a CBI enquiry can bring out the truth. he no longer have hopes on the Policedepartment. With the help of social media the issue is getting attention all over the state and manypeople came along offering support to Sreejith.

Recently, Gopi Sundar who is one of the music directorsin Kerala had composed a song for Sreejith.Earlier the CBI had decliened to take up the case. The Government had promised that they willapproach CBI again to investigate on Sreejeev’s death.


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