Tragic as tragic hero because of his easily influenced

Tragic heroes are  the protagonist in shakespearean plays. The hero is at first of good nature,but his prestige withers as the characters hubris leads to the downfall of the tragic hero.In “Macbeth”, written William Shakespeare, Macbeth, the protagonist is the tragic hero at hand. His ambition leads to him to become a murderer and conclusively loses sight of his own personal values. By the end of the play he is ruined and therefore becomes a tragic hero. Macbeth can be considered as tragic hero because of his easily influenced mind and ambition ,which causes his overall downfall. It can be seen that Macbeth was a man of high status in his scottish society. He begins by the play as Thane of Glamis , which is somewhat like a duke. People around him speak highly of Macbeth as he is seen as “valiant” and “honorable”. Ironically Duncan, the man Macbeth eventually murders, is one of the many who perceive him as a great man. The path to being a tragic hero bugun when Macbeth is approached by the three witches who foretell Macbeth shall become thane of Cawdor and eventually King. At first he questions the authenticity of the prophecy, but eventually it was proved half true as he was named Thane of Cawdor due to the original Thane of Cawdor’s lack of loyalty to the King.  As the witches prediction came true Macbeth was easily influenced into fulfilling the prophecy. The influence on making the prophecy inevitable lead him down the path of murder as he not only killed king duncan, but anyone who was in the way of him becoming king.  His impressionism not only occurs with the witches ,but his wife as well. Instead of following his own intuition Macbeth adheres to that of what his wife wants him to do as she cunningly manipulates him at her own will. She was the one responsible for influencing macbeth into murdering King Duncan. By inacting on his wife’s plan, Macbeth’s highly exalted reputation begins to crumble. He is no longer an honorable man, but instead a cold blood murder. Not only did his easily influence mind lead him to becoming a tragic hero, but his ambition attitude does as well.Ambition can at times be a good trait to posses by in this case it lead MAcbeth down a dark path. Macbeth had the ambition to climb the social ladder. Because of his yearning to do so he was willing to do whatever it took. Like all of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes Macbeth fell from a respectable reputation into a pit of misery and self destruction.


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