Toyota towards a good corporate citizenship through creation

Toyota Motor Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and seller of vehicles. It was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Aichi, Japan. Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is world’s second largest manufacturer of automobiles and was listed in 2014 as the leading company in Japan in terms of market capitalization. Toyota has factories for assembling and manufacturing vehicles in Japan, Europe, United States, South Africa and Australia among other countries in the world. Toyota understands the effects of its operations on the environment and that is why it is committed towards a good corporate citizenship through creation of affluent society evident in its business operations.
Toyota’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) structure entails is focused mainly on the society, environment and governance. Some of the societal corporate initiatives are undertaken by Toyota includes initiatives for improving traffic safety, creating affluent society, respect for human rights and stakeholder engagements among other initiatives. Toyota also has initiatives that targets to minimize water usage, reducing carbon dioxide emission and general environmental management. In addition Toyota is compliant to corporate governance. This discussion focuses on Toyota Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan and Australia.
Analysis of Toyota Corporate Social Responsibility
Toyota has undertaken several CSR initiatives in Japan particularly on environment, society and governance. Environmental activities which have been undertaken by Toyota include development of Environmental Grant Programs such Toyota Shirakawa Go-Eco Institute, Toyota Mie Miyagawa Mountain Forest, Forest of Toyota, Toyomori Institute of Sustainable Living and All-Toyota Green Wave Project. Toyota Shirakawa Go Eco Institute is a training facility located in Shirakawa, Gifu and it accommodates about 100 guests overnight .This program uses Shirakawa’s local culture and natural environment to provide environmental preservation through environmental educational programs of adults and children. Toyota Mie Miyagawa Mountain Forest employ experience gained through oversees afforestation activities in addition to their expertise in automobile production to achieve sustainable and recycling-based forestry. Forest Toyota program improves the environment through afforestation and conducting environmental educational and study programs that target the general public. Toyota city in coordination with NPO provide an advanced environmental education program through Toyomori Institute of Sustainable Living.
In addition to environmental initiatives, Toyota has also established programs that aim at creating an affluent society. Some of the major initiatives initiated by Toyota in Japan include initiatives for improving traffic safety, customers First and Quality First measures, engagement in stakeholders’ oriented management, improving employees’ welfare among other initiatives. In an attempt to improve traffic safety, Toyota in Japan has come up with company’s safety technologies. For instance, in order to reduce accidents in parking lots, Toyota has developed new model Lexus with new features such Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brakes, Support Brakes, Rear Pedestrian and Parking Support Brake. Also, Toyota has adopted traffic safety awareness program Machihotaru to reduce accidents caused by drivers’ carelessness or improper operation of vehicle and pedestrians crossing over the roads. Furthermore, Toyota provided initiatives that honors and respects human rights. In 20111, Toyota established Human Rights Group mandated to continuously review and reinforce various CSR strategies touching on labor and human rights. Toyota works with parts suppliers and dealers in ensuring that rights of the people are violated in the process of their operations. Suppliers and dealers are required to perform self-inspection and ensure that their activities are in accordance to Toyota National Dealer’s Advisory Council (TNDAC).


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