Topic: coronation, so I must “dress to impress”

Topic: You are a
guest at Macbeth’s coronation; during dinner, Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost.
Using first person point of view, write a narrative that tells a story about
the events at the coronation.



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How would you describe this


Physical Appearance

Very nicely dressed, well mannered.

I was invited to the coronation, so I must “dress to impress” to show
that I deserve a spot here and to prove my importance.


Macbeth’s biggest fan.

Seeing as Macbeth is about to be crowned king, I want to be on his
good side.


Overjoyed to have been invited to the dinner, very polite.

I was chosen to attend a dinner with someone I admire, so I am very




How would you describe this character?


Physical Appearance

Dressed like
a royal subject.

This is his
coronation event, so he wants to put out a good image.


I would
assume he is a bit nervous seeing as how he is about to assume an important
position and is about to see Banquo’s ghost.

Because he is
about to see Banquo’s ghost and be crowned king in the same event.


Feeling at
fault, but happy of what he achieved because it got him a title.

He is happy
because he is about to be crowned king and that was what he has always
strived for, but he had to do some pretty bad stuff to get to this point so
he can’t help but feel a little guilt.


Banquo’s Ghost


How would you describe this character?


Physical Appearance

The ghost is
invisible to everyone attending the ceremony, only Macbeth can feel the
pressure of his presence.

He is inside
Macbeth’s head, so he is the only one who is assuming he his present at the


Wanting to
get Macbeth back for what he did by haunting him.

brain is telling him that Banquo’s ghost is there haunting him because of his
actions, therefore he feels guilty for what he did and that is what is trying
to be achieved here.


Upset and
vengeful but invisible to others.

ghost is upset with Macbeth for his actions, but he is invisible to everyone
else. Therefore, no one else is seeing his attitude.


Lady Macbeth


How would you describe this character?


Physical Appearance

Reluctant to
attend, properly dressed for the occasion, very happy.

Her goal this
whole time was for Macbeth to make it to this point, so she is finally
getting what she wanted.


excited, dominant, and feels a little bad for what she achieved, but not much.

She got the
power she was striving for, but she also feels a little bad for what she persuaded.


once Macbeth starts yelling at the ghost.

She is
confused because only Macbeth can see the ghost and she doesn’t know what’s
going on with him.




Conflict Experienced

How do they respond?


I notice that something is going on with Macbeth, but I can’t tell
what it is.

I keep watching his actions as dinner continues to see if his body
language gives me any hints.

Banquo’s Ghost

He is wanting to make this event hell for Macbeth because of what he

He gives Macbeth uneasy feelings and makes him regret his actions.


He is trying his hardest to not let the ghost affect him or let his
guests know that something is bothering him.

He can’t take it anymore and starts to yell at Banquo’s ghost in
front of everyone.

Lady Macbeth

She is trying to understand why Macbeth is yelling at something she
or the guests don’t see.

She asks everyone attending the ceremony to leave.


Setting: They are in
a huge banquet hall with extravagant chandeliers, tables with white table
cloths and fancy centerpieces. Everyone is provided with cloth napkins and gold
silverware. Each guest is dressed very lavish. The event is very formal, until
Macbeth loses control yelling at the ghost.



Rising Action


Falling Action


Everyone invited to the event starts to rush in. They are all crowded
around Macbeth congratulating him for his accomplishments. They all begin to
settle in for a nice dinner and chat amongst themselves.

Macbeth begins to act weird and is not talking as much as he was. He
starts keeping to himself, but you can see in his facial expressions that
something in his head is bothering him. Lady Macbeth starts to notice his
change in behavior and questions him, but she gets no answer.

Macbeth starts to shout at an invisible figure. All the guests turn
their attention to him and are very concerned. Lady Macbeth pulls him aside
and asks him what is going on. He tells her he is hearing voices of Banquo’s
ghost and is beginning to feel guilty.

Lady Macbeth asks all guests to leave, but asks the narrator to stay
to see if I can get more information out of him.

Macbeth begins to open up to the narrator, but not much. The narrator
offers advice, then leaves the dinner.



Point of View:


Tone – What is the attitude of
your story?

Pace – How fast is your story
going to move?

Words to describe the tone: Uptight,
tense, scary
How will you communicate that
tone? The descriptions of the narrator experiencing the scene is going to
create that tone the best.

What pace fits your narrative:
Somewhat fast
Why? If this story were to
happen in real life, the events would move pretty fast with exception to the

How do you want readers to
feel after they read your story? I want them to crave for more details,
but get just enough they aren’t disappointed and feel as if the story wasn’t

How will you create that pace?
The events that include the guests will go by somewhat fast, but the
narrator speaking to Macbeth about his issue will include lots of detail and
not go by as fast.



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