Topic rating satisfaction, time … 2. I evaluated

Topic OutlineI. An investigation into the Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising to determine the source of reduction in production and client disappointment.II. Investigation TechniquesA. Observation.1. Visited the branch from June 8 – June 122. Observed employee performance, client services and management operations3.

Made note of areas that needed correction and more attention B. Interviews 1. Engaged with the employees during their lunch breaks2. Spoke to clients that with and without complaints, to figure out of where the issue(s) originated from3. Looked into the company policies and procedures with the management teamC. Surveys1.

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Mr. Willis received a survey I authored, and distributed them to our clients on June 8th rating satisfaction, time …2. I evaluated the clients while I was at the Roanoke branch where clients rated the quality of work and customer service ..3. Prior to my week at the Roanoke branch, problematic areas stated in the client surveys steered me to the rectifications that need to be made when clients are being dealt with.III.

FindingsA. Roanoke brand observation discovery included overworked employees


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