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This starts with the introduction of the first part and also explains the exploration of Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan. They had entered into the house of old professor. They started exploring the whole house.

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They found their own entertainment in the huge old house set miles away from anywhere in the heart of the country. First there was a thrilling exploration of that house-long corridors, endless spare bedrooms, series of rooms linked with books, and one very bleaky enormous room that had nothing in it but a very large wardrobe. Lucy thought this as worth examining. This is how the story starts. Lucy opens the wardrobe and finds something powdery and soft and extremely cold. She was then able to notice something cold and soft falling on her which she then realized that it was snow flakes and then she found herself standing in the middle of the woods with snow under her feet. The way the writer makes us to feel the exact feel of her when she stood alone in the middle of the woods.

This was the entry of Lucy into the strange, magical and amazing world of Narnia. Then she finds a lamppost. She then meets a faun which was names as Mr.Tumnus.

The faun explains her about the curse of the white witch on Narnia to a hundred years of winter. It then added that the faun was ordered to kidnap the humans who enter Narnia and brought to the white witch. Later Lucy was able to conclude that she was going to be kidnapped by the faun and will be taken to that witch. Ultimately the faun decides not to kidnap Lucy and let her go. Then she narrated the story that happened in Narnia to her siblings.

But no one were ready to believe her. One night the siblings were playing hide and seek. Edmund followed Lucy and got into the wardrobe. He too, was able to get into that strange and magical world Narnia. This time, he was ready to believe in Lucy’s stories and shouter her name aloud in order to find her. But all his efforts were in vain.

Later he met the white witch who said herself that she was the queen of Narnia. She then took Edmund to her castle and offers him the Turkish Delight which really had a good taste. Here the writer explains the wish of Edmund to stay there and taste it forever in a beautiful way. Then the queen prospects of becoming as the king of Narnia only if he brings his siblings along with him. Later he left the castle and was headed to the abandoned tree which was the starting point of how he should enter Narnia. He then founded Lucy and left Narnia with her.

When Lucy again explained their siblings about Narnia, Edmund refused to agree with her. Peter and Susan took this to the professor but professor tells them that whatever Lucy says about Narnia was true. But still, there was a disbelief in his opinion. After this, the four siblings entered the Narnia by using the wardrobe. There they met Mr.

and Mrs. Beaver, who explained them about Aslan. According to them, they wanted Aslan to rule Narnia. To do so, they need two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve. By doing that, they could destroy the reign of witch. The reign of that witch will come to an end.

Edmund sneaks off to visit the witch but she was furious as he did not bring his siblings with him. The witch tries to capture all the siblings and the beavers and finally they meet Tumnus . Later on, she comes to know that Edmund knows nothing. While Peter, Lucy and Susan and the beavers travel and they hide from the witch in order to escape from the witch. Later on they meet the father Christmas who gives them many weapons in order to defend themselves from the white witch.

This is the sign that the reign of the witch ends. There occurs a big fight between the camps of the white witch and the camps of Aslan. Fifteen years later, the children, now young adults, chase a white stag through the forest.

They encounter the lamppost Lucy saw earlier and suddenly tumble out of the wardrobe at the same time and day they left, becoming children again. Lucy later attempts to return to Narnia via the wardrobe. Professor Kirke tells her he has tried for many years, and they will probably return to Narnia when they least expect it.

This way the writer narrates the story and history behind the reign of Narnia and the adventures and experience of these siblings. The way the writer explains all those situations and the way these people come through it fascinates the readers. This book can also be considered as a retreat to the readers.


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