Top-Ranked 2. Husqvarna (Yellow and Blue) This brand

Top-Ranked Dirt Bike Brands of 2018

As an adventure lover, you enjoy riding dirt bikes. Having learnt dirt riding at an early age, you now want to get one for yourself. You need to know what the market offers right now to decide on the best. Unlike traditional bikes, dirt bikes are a completely different machine that requires some indepth reviewing. We will look at some of the top dirt bike brand in this article.
1. KTM (Orange)
KTM is considered a different breed of dirt bikes. The name they have made in the industry over the years speaks up loud. KTM has a range of bikes that you can choose from to find the one perfect fit for your likes and budget. One of the most admired brands now, KTMs stand out for their innovative features. Most of the company focus is on 2-stroke variants.
Further known for the ease of ride and weight, the easily removable seats is one of its most differentiating factor. The air filters have easy-access and add charm to the bike’s maintenance routine.
2. Husqvarna (Yellow and Blue)
This brand is also from the house of KTM. The Husqvarna has to make an extra effort to differentiate themselves from the parent company. Most of their build comes from the KTM stable and for a new pair of eyes, it can be difficult to find the differences between Husqvarna and a KTM.
3. Yamaha (Blue)
Yamaha is one of the oldest in the overall bike production. They have a popular reputation in the dirt biking segment. However, the presence of KTM like bikes show that Yamaha is less innovative. Yamaha is known for their incredible offerings. They produce some of the best bikes available in the market with exceptional performance.
4. Beta (Red)
Beta has a long history in the dirt bike segment. Originally from Italy, they are recently picking up sales in the United States market. Beta now manufacture their own engine and have shifted their focus to trail bikes and off-roaders.
5. Kawasaki (Green)
One of the cheapest brands out there, Kawasaki share a huge fan following. Their dirt bikes are easy on the pocket when you compare with the competition. The Green brand is focused on 4-stroke bikes and it is doing well in the business.
6. Honda (Red)
Popular for their small engines, Honda makes dirt bikes in many categories. Not all bikes launched under their brand perform well in the dirt biking segment, however it is still a major contributor to the ecosystem providing some of the best bikes available at a reasonable budget.
Honda CR, a 2-stroke bike dominated the supercross and motocross events for 35 years. Honda now focuses on 4-stroke bikes and has slowly made way for retiring their popular 2-stroke offerings.
7. Suzuki (Yellow)
Originally known as a favorite among bike enthusiasts. Lack of innovation from the company has started to show poorly in their bikes launched. While rivals like KTM and Beta are known for lighter weight, Suzuki takes the wrath of being overweight. Some examples like missing the electric start, an old look and a heavier body are areas where Suzuki can focus now.

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How to Choose the Right Brand FOR YOU
The bikes ranked above are based purely on a comparative study. Each bike has a distinctive offering that riders may end up choosing irrespective of how the market ranks them. For many of the first timers, these differences are not even visible. Buyers should know what they are specifically looking for in their dirt bike. If their favorite brand doesn’t provide it, then it is time to switch to a different brand. Budget also plays a huge role in the final decision.

A rider should have their checklist ready before approaching a brand. Remember, all major brands produce great dirt bikes. We hope that you find what suits your needs.


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