Today on three learning approaches – in the

Today the world is changing at an accelerated pace and the need for effective conservation education is much more pressing. WWF-Malaysia believes that effective conservation education programmes, both formal and community based, can have a tremendous impact on the Malaysian society and the nation’s behaviour towards its environment. The programme, a collaboration between World Wide Fund for Nature – Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) and the Curriculum Development Division, Ministry of Education, was aimed at building an effective environmental education model to bring about positive behaviourism change among school students. It focused on three learning approaches – in the classroom, outside the classroom and field trips. These approaches emphasized the connection between academic or conceptual understanding, and practical actions and experiences that relate to daily life. As the saying say, “To bend a bamboo, start when it’s still a shoot”, we need to start cultivating good value from a very early age to make something planned truly work.


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