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To start, I didn’t know exactly what is that I wanted to do first when I enrolled in college, which seems very common these days. I always felt as though I had to do something that would get the approval of people in my life, such as my parents, relatives, and friends. My interest only grew once I started working at the doctor’s office as a receptionist. The wealth of knowledge that I gained during my experience at that medical practice was phenomenal.

At that time, I realized I had an interest in the medical field, with some research I had decided that health administration would be the best fit for my career choice. A degree in health administration does not fit one specific job to choose from it is a wide range of career opportunities within the medical field. There are more than one of the many definitions that define the health administration is to lead a successful career path.

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The Portable Health Administration (2004), describes health administration managerial role is a step by step process how organizations have to function and the real role of a leader.By pursuing a career as a health administrator, this will provide me an opportunity to give quality healthcare to patients. “Studies of total quality management as a means of improving health care quality to date have relied on case studies of individual teams or hospitals”, Total Quality Management in Hospitals (1996). This article essentially states what I mentioned earlier that the role of health administration is to improve health care quality. This job requires to have many skills which are critical to be a success but most importantly, success is defined by the ability to get the task done in an efficient and effective way. Although the undergraduate degree provides the basic knowledge and skills that are needed to get started in an entry-level job. This will give me the insight to advance in a career that is passionate to me, furthermore, this will give me an opportunity to explore to choose a specific medical field that best fits my interest. “In management, the use of knowledge is linked to knowledge management, which entails the learning and development of the organization, the development of operational conventions, and the benefit for the clients using the services” (Kivinen, 2008).

Even though my experience as a receptionist was limited to only certain tasks, there were times I was given the opportunity to learn some of the managerial role. In a small private practice, health administrator roles may not be as strenuous when compare to hospital health administration job.


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