To reach a goal

To reach a goal, people need education. A good education is an important part of one’s life. To achieve a good education, everyone should attend both high school and college. They are both places of learning that help students get knowledge and help them to get what they want in life and what they want to become. Although some people think high school has a lot in common with college, they have a few differences.
The assignments in college are harder than high school. It may take many hours or even many days to complete the tasks. While in high school doesn’t need to take much time to finish the assignments, some are even completed before the class starts. Also, in high school, teachers push their students to complete the assignments. There might be a punishment such as detention, if you don’t do the homework or assignments. Unlike in college, the professors give students the tasks, homework or assignments and it is up to the students to complete it or they don’t get the marks or they may fail. Moreover, in high school, the amount of student usually consists of 30 to 35 students in each class (depending on the school size). In contrast, in college class population ranges from fifty students to more depending on the size of the college. Furthermore, in college, you need to be more responsibility in doing the tasks. Classes cannot be missed; homework cannot be late, everything has to be in on time to get full credit and if you do not do so, your marks will be deducted. Unlike in high school, the teacher will give you a break and more time to do the tasks or homework. Additionally, teachers in high school were not serious to their students as the college instructors. In high school teachers put up with people messing around in class. They take time to explain the lecture to them steps by steps. College instructors do not put up with that. They need to follow the course syllabus. Normally, they send documents to their students to read first before coming to class. They want all the students to learn and review the lessons by themselves first.


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