to in pre k, I did volunteer

to provide positive guidance
Self: My goal is to sell to create a warm, positive, supportive relationship with children. I observed that positive, supportive environment would build confidence in children when my son was in pre k, I did volunteer work in his class, and I perceive that building warm, supportive, and positive relationship with children is important to build a positive self-concept, self-respect, and confidence in the children. I enjoy creating a family tree with children. I will create an environment that children sense their self-respect is valued and I will create space for each child in class like label their name on cubbies and photos, their works displayed at their eye level. According to children’s need, I will provide developmentally appropriate materials, and ensure that modified as needed, also special needs. I will show sensitivity towards children’s concern and feeling. Also, I will express kindness and support to children when they’re having trouble. I will encourage children’s to improve self-help, self-regulation skills and I will use books, resources, strategies, and curriculum to explain children to believe in themselves is important to succeed in the future.


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