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JULY 2018


Technology has widely spread into our life, Today’s generation of students has grown up with technology across the world in an increasing manner, and where as a huge amounts of information is now available to access. They must well know around the technology. To create an improved 21st century classroom that the needs of the students, a modern teacher have to motivate a students about the effects of technology in their education system and provide some of the experiences and let them to investigate past, present and future technologies. A technology implementation was formulate to this rising need. Research was finished at a school in Hyderabad Sindh on a population of 300 at the time of technology intervention through data analysis. Surveys of student were supervised to the benchmarks of student perception and motivation, student individualized education plans were reviewed, and classroom observations were made. The result shows the particular use of technology that motivates the student’s in classroom whether it is for pedagogical purposes or for accommodations as required by an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Further more study can help in updating teaching techniques to improved support inclusionary education as well as enhancing student motivation about technology and its effects.


1.1 Background of the study
The students of today’s generation are surrounded by technology, where they are able to access a vast group of information is only a handy way. In many field of pedagogy technology integrates which is necessary for a school to operate successfully. But, many teachers are resisting making the change, and many students aren’t motivated to try. In 2016, a survey was given to the Schools in Pakistan and it was found that 80% of students had use of technology and internet access in their home, but partially the students used that technology for work related to school.
In the modern information era, the wealth of the world’s information can be accessed through a variety of devices. Once Technology was expensive and restricted to only the privileged some has now advanced and become far cheapest. Students have growing throughout with technology, and teachers must adjust to this new lifestyle. Teachers adapt to this updating lifestyle must find methods of incorporating and use these newly appearance of technology in class, not only in a motivational level, however in additional of an educative level too. It can be done in many different ways, from initially pedagogical method to assists on an Individual Education Plan. Students who procure themselves reinforced and taught in a way which they will be more motivated to learn.
In todays transpire technological community it stands to reason that the current classroom should reflect. By showing actual world technological applications, local value can be brought to the learning process, develop interest and motivation.
It’s also very important for these classrooms to address the requirement of all students. Technology supports the need for different learning strategies, helping to make a sense of society as well as a meaningful experience. Proper use of technology can serve the regular education classroom by motivating students in all disciplines. Students who have recognized learning disabilities can be present by the appropriate integration of technology through assistive technology devices, allowing students to search the information and keep pace with a regular education classroom.
The purpose of this study was to:
1) To find out the perceptions of students to the use of technology in their classroom based instruction
2) To describe the current general use of technology in classrooms that includes identified students (those with learning disabilities).
The purpose of this study is to not only understand the requirements and importance for technology in the classrooms related to motivation and inclusion, but to cheer up the creation of a curriculum design in a school examining the instruction using technology.

1.3 Research Objectives
The use of technology in the classroom has the beneficial for increasing academic achievement from the point of view of both the students and the teacher. In a study by Usher & Center on Education (2012), applications of actual world technology along with different academic subjects help to motivate students. They find that when technology based inquiry learning relates to actual world conditions, students start to view that what values were inside for being learned, increases interest and motivation. In addition, by implementing abstract ideas into the actual world conditions, students can understand difficult concepts which they will increase competence. By compute technology into the classroom, teachers can use this technology to compare instructions, motivate the students, and add all skill levels.
Variety of audiences found. A study will be local Boards of Education such as primary audiences, administration local school (schools operation impacted by such a curriculum plan), and teachers (who provide implementation). Each of these groups of people would stand to benefit from the research presented here in by aligning updated curriculum with STEM technology and effective pedagogical techniques for 21st century.
1.4 Research Questions
The main question of research that provided this discussion is: How do present-day educate the use of technology to engage students in learning activities? Related questions that were also explored are:
1. Do students report technology use in the regular education classroom been used to assist all levels of students? If so, do they feel that almost of technology is needed or necessary?

2. How is technology used to increase instruction for student (students using an Individualized Education Plan)?

3. What is the present state of dependable technology and how is technology used to engage students in learning activities?
1.5 Significance of study
The significance of the study is to mention the body of research surrounding the efficacity technology has on motivation and inclusion. Research was conducted on concerning students currently experience the use of technology at school and in the classroom. This research study will also be beneficial for HM because they support their teachers for technology integration and also students can take advantage from this study because they can take interest in use of technology in class and they can also make their concepts clear by using different technologies .These are the findings can go on to inform a variety of public, from Boards of Education over to the effective teachers which give execution of technology.

For the specific use in this study, the following key terms are defined:
Technology is a body of knowledge creating tools, processing actions and the extracting of materials. The term ‘Technology” is wide, and everyone has their way of understanding its meaning.
It is a process of picking up the knowledge and after that this process we can make reasoning and judgment about this knowledge.
This is a best tool for 21stcentury teacher that he /she can enhance their teaching practice and then the use of this teacher can increase the interest of students in classrooms.
iv. IEP:
An IEP is an Individualized Education Program developed for students with disabilities to ensure their educational goals are achieved.

All kind of Technology has been seen widely spread in to our daily life, like the cars integrated with the GPS system, schools integrated with latest WIFI technology use, cell phones with fingerprint scanner. In teaching perspective it is only the natural way to show the effect of technology can studied in student life. With this how to understand the best way to implement technology in the classroom, it’s important to give a baseline for influence the study, and technology to integrate the learners. When the base line is created, it can be contrast to actually what is occurring in the classroom. Now a day’s Teaching without the use of technology is not a teaching or we can say that Teacher doesn’t fulfill the demands of 21st century. As a part of my research completed at the school in hyderabad Sindh, I examined that the impact of having smart boards technology in the classrooms and through its effectiveness on test scores of student. Now days a teacher cannot develop the concepts of students and also maintain the interest in classroom specially subject integrated teacher face this problem because teachers ignores to use the technology in classroom. The actual condition of technology in education will be reconsidered with its effect on daily life. Then I revise the use of technology and its review on motivation and addition in education.



3.1 Research Design:
As said above, now a day students have grown up and learning differently as compare to the past. Methodologies related to the teaching must change and all levels of students includes with the times in order to motivate. This study was completed using data obtained a school. This school serves students who are not economically positioned to learn the
skills needed to succeed in mainstream society. As stated on their website, the mission of NECS
is to prepare students who have little or no financial or technological resources at home and are
dependent on school for range of learning opportunities. This goal is realized through a strong
academic curriculum with an emphasis on math and science. The New England Charter School’s
website goes on to speak about the leaders’ vision, stating “We, at NECS, are united with the
same ideal that all children can learn and strive toward their highest levels of capability as long
as they are given the opportunity”.
In the present day and age, technology is all around us, with the wealth of knowledge
about the humanities present at the click of a button (Egbert, 2009). It is important to understand
that the method in which present day educators were taught has changed substantially, and a new
generation of students require a vastly different approach. The mission of the New England
Charter School is to prepare the students for the rigors of the real world, which means they need
to be taught in a method that does so. To understand and design a curriculum that integrates
technology in the most effective way, this study examines the current implementation of
technology at the New England Charter School, student perceptions surrounding technology
usage in the classroom, and current technology accommodations for identified students.
The main research question that guided this dissertation is: How do present-day educators
utilize technology to engage students in learning activities? Questions that guided data collection
• Do students report technology use in the regular education classroom being used to
accommodate all levels of students? If so, do they feel that more or less technology is
needed or necessary?
• How is technology used to enhance instruction for identified students (students using an
Individualized Education Plan IEP or 504 accommodation plan)?
• What is the current state of assistive technology at this site and how is it used to engage
identified students in learning activities?
To answer the question on the students’ perceptions of technology in the general
education classroom and its impact and efficacy on motivation, a survey was given to the student
population in an urban charter school (the first of three data sources). This survey addressed
students’ beliefs about the first research question on the reported use of technology in the school.
Next, a review of student IEPs and 504 accommodation plans assist in answering the second
research question on how technology is currently used as part of identified students’ instructional
plans. The purpose of these student plans is to document student strengths and areas of weakness
and how to best accommodate their disability with the purpose of enhancing instruction for
specific identified students. Finally, the classroom observations assisted in answering the third
and final research question on how assistive technology is currently utilized in a purposeful
sample of classrooms at the site.


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