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To me an ideal society is when everyone is equal. This means that people are viewed as the same. It does not matter their skin color or what they do for a living or their background.

Social stratification is where people are grouped together by common factors (Lumen Learning, n.d). These factors could be race, income, or jobs. In an ideal society, social stratification would be present; however, in an ideal society it would be a grouping of people that shared jobs or hobbies. In an ideal society if there were social classes I would form them around jobs and not money. If I were to create the social classes I would class them by jobs.

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I would class doctors, lawyers, and jobs like these in the top class and dog walkers, people that wash cars, and jobs like that in the lower level. Where the social classes today are all about money. Social mobility is where individuals are about to move up and down in the social classes (Rytina, 2011). In a real society you could move up in social classes if you received a lump some of money or starting your own company that grows. To go up in social class in a real society it takes a lot of work and dedication; however, it is really easy to go down in social class. In a real society the social classes are: wealthy, the upper middle, the lower middle, the working, and the lower. In an ideal society you would be able to move up in social classes and there would never be any reason to go lower in social class. If people wanted to advance in this ideal society they would be able to go to school and get a better job to go up the social class ladder.

In an idea society poverty would not be present. In a real society poverty is huge. Poverty is when someone cannot afford his or her basic needs. Poverty is when someone is homeless. Poverty is when someone is starving to make sure his or her children have food. Poverty is working four jobs and barely making ends meet. Poverty plays a pole in a real society and the community.

Since poverty is big in a real society the government helps them. In a real society people are not honest and manipulate the system. In an ideal society everyone would have what he or she need.

No one would like in poverty and there would be no need for government assistance in relations to someone starving or being homeless. In an ideal society I do not think it is “needed” to have a social classes. I think in a real society people need social classes so they can feel better about themselves. People like to think oh I am better than them because I am in this class. People in the wealthy class know they are wealthy and people in the underclass class know they are starving and cannot afford their basic needs. Wright’s model of social class was an empirical approach.

He viewed the social classes structure as: control over the means of production, the control over the work process, and the control over the work of others. I do think this would somewhat work in an ideal society because money is not really the deciding factor on what class you fall into. Gilbert and Kahl’s model of social class was: capitalist, upper middle, middle, working class, working poor, and underclass.

I do not think this is a good idea for an ideal society because it is built on labeling people based on the amount of money they have or do not have. In an ideal society prejudice and discrimination would be something no one knows about. People would all love each other, appreciate, and respect one another. People would not judge others on their looks, or region. They would understand they have feeling and have the right to their beliefs. There would also be no issues with minority relations, because everyone would care for each other.

In an ideal society people would connect with each other from different social classes easily. They would view each other as equals. No one would think they were superior then someone else because of their job. Since the social classes would be based of jobs it would also provide people from other social classes something to talk about and to learn more about and possibly even convince some to go back to school so they could get a different job.


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