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To maintain a commitment to professional I continually seek to gain new knowledge in Early Childhood Education. In reality enjoy working with children, therefore, I pick up as much information and resources in child care programs as I possibly can. I like to update and refresh my knowledge so that I can provide the best quality care possible. One way I usually achieve this is by educating myself through P.A.T.C.H classes, online courses and implementing what I learn into the curriculum.
Because there is always room for improvement I try to determine what my weaknesses are, by answering self-evaluation questions and working on these weaknesses to better myself as a child care provider. It is extremely important for me to continue to grow both professional and personally because not only do I increase my knowledge, but it is so beneficial for the children’s development growth.
What is more, creative curriculum resources are so informative for child care providers. I particularly enjoy learning about new age-appropriate activities that I can utilize with children as well as different techniques and approaches that can be used when disciplining a child. I always make certain to model good


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