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To clarify let us first give some background information on the nature of the Wilmington Riots. Also known as the Wilmington Insurrection and the more politically correct name, the Wilmington Massacre, the event was put into motion on November 10th, 1898. In the weeks before the tragic event there was a rebellious movement that had begun to grow, spread, and prepare for the town’s eventual takeover. One of the reasons the rebellion started was probably due to the fact that the local government was being run by African Americans and that fact alone gave many former Confederate sympathizers a “valid reason” to overthrow the government. Despite the town trying to keep itself in a peaceful state all was not well as Alfred Moore Waddell, a former Confederate officer and a white supremacist, led a group of white men to force the resignation of Wilmington’s city officials. Waddell had used a recently published article by the local black newspaper, the Wilmington Daily Record, to incite the white populace into taking over the city.

The article, published by the African-American Alex Manly, stated that, “our experiences among poor white people in the country teaches us that women of that race are not any more particular in the matter of clandestine meetings with colored men than the white men with the colored women.” Two days after that piece was released a mob of 500 white men led by Waddell surrounded the Daily Record and then proceeded to burn the building down with anyone inside. Alex Manly was able to escape the brutal carnage but that did stop the fact that Waddell’s insurrectionists had killed at least 14 people . The Insurrectionists were able to drive out the majority of the black population which forced them to seek safety and shelter in the form of their cemetery. The group of 500 white men seemed to have came together from various social classes, somehow managing to put aside their personal grudges to unify under a single purpose, even if that purpose was overthrowing the government.

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