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S. organizations, greater and superior vote is essential; it is highly recommended for citizens to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities on election days. It often happens when people discuss about their democracy, they point out the significance of the privilege to vote. As U.

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S. citizens, we need to possess a strong understanding of civic obligation that we turn it into precedence to find out how to take part, enroll to vote, to acquire knowledge, and to physically participate by casting our votes on Election Days. Not only the act of electing is an important personal responsibility, but also votes impact the diverse interests of broader communities. Abraham Lincoln advocated the high significance of the government being “of, for, and by the people”. Also, contended that voters symbolized the most crucial part in ensuring the government fulfilled their wishes and operated in accordance to the rules of the Constitution.

In spite of former President Lincoln’s allure to the country, many citizens today don’t value or recognize their part in molding the country. A great percentage of individuals in the U.S. are unconcerned when it comes to voting, and the numerous problems we face. If we completed our civic duty, these issues could have been resolved. Also, by stopping accusing other people and instead of coming together a become the evolution we want in this country. All citizens must take more responsibility by casting their vote and to also encourage others to do the same because this is the most powerful tool in our hands and can acquire a significant innovation in the country without a single dash of blood.

Not only our responsibility is to elect but to also consider that our vote not only affects our future, but the future of others, diversities and upcoming generations. As citizens, the younger generation are a huge element in the elections because a huge number of voters are part of the Youth. We have to keep in mind that the vote is not only for you, but also for another person.

The struggles of a person with a different skin color or different culture and ethnicity is in our hands. Their lives would change, although the change is not known if it would be good or bad, but it is highly critical to not just think of ourselves. Think of your friends, neighbors, coworkers.

Voting can bring alter the diverse interests of wider communities. Helping diverse interests includes unpreventable dares and chances. Although, a higher number of people may elevate innovation and intuition towards acquiring creative results and conduct to wider based comprehension of the problem at stake.Overall, voters are a huge part in transforming our government as well as our destiny. Reason is, can only hope to visualize betterments in the condition of our country. We have to unite and bring optimistic changes into our lives and improve our fates.

Again, is our responsibility, our duty to bring changes to our community, to our generation and future generations. Honor for every vote defines that while we esteem voting and our country’s soldiers and heroes. Voting is also our way to voice out our concerns, our fears and opinions. To finalize this, it should concern us who will be our leaders because at the end of the day, we have to follow traffic regulations, file our taxes and to take delight at our rights and freedoms. No matter what party you are, make sure to fulfill your civic duty and have your voice heard by politically participating and casting your vote.


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