To begin with my field of expertise requires long and committed years of research studies and field experience

To begin with my field of expertise requires long and committed years of research studies and field experience. The completion of my bachelor’s degree will enable me first at hand to gain an employment position in a career related field to my professional career field. When I gain a field experience of my role I will then proceed into my specific career field.

When I complete my bachelor’s degree I will first work as a medical laboratory scientist or medical technologist. This position is somewhat yet developing but is practically essential for qualifications of my professional career position as a forensic pathologist. My role as a medical technologist involve laboratory testing as a disease detective helping to pinpoint the cause of disease through examination and analysis of blood, tissue and other body fluids.

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After covering those three years indoors I will then advance my position to work as a forensic biologist for the next two years. This position requires both indoors and outdoors or field work but is critically weight on the skills of investigation and laboratory testing. As a forensic biologist we collect and analyze biological evidence found on clothing, weapons and other surfaces to determine the time and cause of deaths. For instance, we examine blood and other body fluids, hair, bones, insects and plant and animal remains to help identify victims and support criminal investigations.

The field experience of five years after completion of my bachelor’s degree is very rewarding in unlocking the doors to my professional career studies. It will equip and qualify me with the skills needed to elevate my career and achieve my career goals for higher specialized studies. I will then further my field of study to gain a Master of Science degree in forensic science to work as a forensic pathologist to conduct autopsies and assist in death investigations.


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