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To be successful in online classes I think we need to understand the importance of study and how important it is to be successful in online classes, because some people take advantage of online classes and they think this only to come online every day and only to receive certification.

 But my understanding and experience with online study is not the same. I think online classes are as important as it the class room experience, the only difference is that in online classes we have this advantage of flexible timing. Otherwise, there is no difference of learning standards or that online is less important then the classroom studies. After reading the article/link in this assignment, I found two very important things which are always been part of my career in last 12 years. 1. How to be a successful manager?Study showed that. Successful management is a combination of better understanding your role as a manager, best efforts, team work, employees recognition, and accepting new challenges at work. I also learned, how to find ways to become better manager.

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 As a manager, you should understand the definition of this role, and to understand the importance of a manager for our business. To be a manager, we do have some responsibilities such as; team development/training, Communication, employee’s motivation and time management. 2. Planning/Time Management: Planning and time management are both going together, because better planning need good-time management.

 Manager has to be well managed and should have strong planning ability. Every planing starts with ideas and after developing that idea and once we prepare our plan, we need a time frame to accomplish that planning, and for successful project plan we should always focus on good time management. When we are talking about Time Management, it is not just about be on time to work or finishing our daily task, but the most important part of Time Management is planning of the project or business activities. Planning/Time Management can be divided to two parts (Short term and long term). Short-term planing/time management is only for the short term projects, which are can be done with a certain time period and they are temporary, such as providing system support, installing servers, or building a house, etc. This can be divided to multiple phases (proposal, bidding, acceptance, planning, reporting and completion).

 Time management for short term can always be risky, as may have limited time to complete our projects, and as a manager this is very challenging job to keep with time line.Long-term projects time management is also complicated. But managing long term projects allows us to make changes in our planning at any point of time.

 A manager always has to work as a team, because team work will always help any manager to succeed and stay strict to their time line. 


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