To: of its key stakeholders, both internal and

To: Mrs. Emily, Director of Communications, ABC CompanyFrom: Abdus Samad, Management Communication (MNG81001)Date: 18/11/2018Subject: How do leaders use corporate communications to execute strategy in the 21st century? We live in an age of globalization and internet. Therefore, the area of trade and business of an organization is all about the whole world. Corporate communication is one of the big concern for the organizations. As you have requested, using secondary research, I have completed a review of leaders use corporate communications to execute strategy in the 21st century.

This memo examines firstly the corporate communication strategies, then emphases on the challenges of corporate communication, and eventually the role of leaders to implement these strategies.The corporate communication strategiesCorporate communication is a management function that makes an interlink between all internal and external personal and communication with the overall purpose of establishing and maintaining favourable reputations with stakeholder groups upon which the organization is dependent. ‘Corporate communications focus on the organization as a whole and the important task of how an organization is presented to all of its key stakeholders, both internal and external’ (Cornelissen 2004, p.20-21). According to Thomas and Stephens (2015) note that the concept of strategic communications might be further defined by the lens through which it is studied: management strategy, communication theory, or research method.

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Corporate communication strategies may vary for various reason such as its landscape, financial stability, state policy, culture and traditions. Challenges of corporate communication Everyday corporate roles and regulations are being updated. Beside that environment, energy saving, employee welfare, competition with market, corporate social responsibility and moreover organizational profit are the big concern for the management and leader as well. As a result, to accomplish the corporate communication strategy is a huge challenge for them.

Particularly in crises and in transformation, the leader of an organization needs to be present. In previous research focused on extreme crises such as 9/11 (Argenti, 2002) LinkedIn Corporation © 2018Role of leaders to implement corporate communication strategiesOrganizational success depends on good leadership who can successfully execute and develop the corporate communication strategies through management of people and utilized its resources on random basis. According to Hitt et al. (1998) and Ireland and Hitt (1999, p.439) described the capabilities needed for effective strategic leadership in the new competitive landscape expected for the 21st century. They argued that effective strategic leaders had to: (1) develop and communicate a vision, (2) build dynamic core competencies, (3) emphasize and effectively use human capital, (4) invest in the development of new technologies, (5) engage in valuable strategies, (6) build and maintain an effective organizational culture, (7) develop and implement balanced controls, and (8) engage in ethical practices.

This memo demonstrate that leaders play an important role for the organization to execute the corporate communication strategies. Which is clear from the secondary research corporate success depends on effective communication skill. Leaders make workshop and engaged their employees with an organization’s values and vision. So that staffs feel like they are part of the company’s managerial decision and they will try prove themselves. For better communication staffs should trained repeatedly and made them update with the recent technology and corporate policy. I am happy to explain more in upcoming week’s meeting.

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