Titration, The end point is a point

Titration, known as volumetric analysis, a process of unknown concentration solution react with known concentration solution to determine the concentration of unknown solution. The unknown concentration solution is known as analyte or titrand; whereas the known concentration solution is known as titrant or titrator. Titration is commonly used for acid-base titration and redox titration. The end point is a point when all the hydroxide ions (OH-) in alkali by all the hydrogen ions (H+) to form water which is neutral.

The end point of a titration can be detected by an acid-base indicator such as methyl orange, phenolphthalein and so on. The titration is used to determine the molarity or volume of the unknown solution.Titration is very useful, thus it can be applied in daily life. First and foremost, titration can be used in medical fields such as blood sugar testing, pregnancy testing and others. Doctors will use a blood glucose meter to measure the glucose level of the patient with diabetes.

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The patient’s blood is apply to to a test strip, then mixed with reactants and the sample of blood is applied by a small electric current. The concentration of reactant will affect the electric current and can be used to measure the amount of glucose in the blood. Moreover, to have an accurate result from the pregnancy test, titration is applied to a blood sample to measure the amount of gonatrodophin (hCG) found in the blood. Except from measuring the amount of (hCG), this test can be used by doctor to find out the possible problem of pregnancy and how long the woman has been pregnant. Pharmacists use the titration method to get the proper mix when compounding drug or medicine.Next, titration is used in food industry by identifying the nutritional breakdown of food values. The chain length of saturated fatty acid and unsaturated fatty acid which contain carbon and hydrogen can be determined by titration. The long, short of the fatty acid is determined by the number of carbon atoms.

The long-chain and very-long-chain of fatty acids is absorbed by the bloodstream; whereas the short-chain and medium-chain is used as energy by the liver. The concentration of salt, sugar and different type of vitamins can be determined by the titration. The readiness of consumption for the production of wine and cheese is tested by titration too.Besides using the acid-base indicator, the end point of neutralisation can be determined by computer interface and electrical conductivity of a solution. Using computer interface, a graph of showing the pH values is displayed on the computer screen when the pH meter is connected to the computer that is immersed in the solution during the titration.

Both acid and alkali act as electrolytes, the electrical conductivity of the solution can be measured by an ammeter.


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