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TitleDarius GreerPrairie View A&M UniversityTitleA vegetarian diet is a practical and significant response to today’s famine and conservation problems. Too often Americans are caught up in trying to find the “picture perfect” diet. When in actuality, no such diet really exist. Although vegetarian diets do provide substantial health, eco-friendly and political benefits, it too doesn’t qualify for the label of “picture perfect”. But choosing a vegetarian diet is a meek but momentous means to improve your quality of life and the world around you one step at a time.First and foremost a vegetarian diet has proven to be a healthier choice for humans than the traditional diet which generally gives emphasis to meat.

However, meals without meat may be lower in calories and saturated fat than meals that have meat. Meatless based diets can help a person manage their weight and overall health. Although there is contradictory evidence regarding various health privileges of many diets, nutritionists and researchers give the impressions that diets high in fruits and vegetables delivers ultimate health benefits. It has been said by many that vegetarian diets are not appetizing, boring and even expensive. But that’s quite the contrary. Especially since there’s only a relatively limited variety of meats and ways of preparation for them. But there are tons of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes with immeasurable ways to prepare them. Meat based diets also contribute to studies which indicates that most Americans consume three to five times more protein than what’s needed.

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The excess protein can lead to high blood sugars, weight gain and stress on kidneys and also cancer cell stimulation. A vegetarian diet is one way to help reduce the amount of excessive protein in the body to avoid protein overload. According to a study completed by Dr. Takeshi Hirayana of the National Cancer Research Institute of Tokyo, vegetarianism reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by thirty-five percent (PETA, 2009).

Researchers have also suggested that vegetarian males have higher testosterone levels, lower IGF-I, more attractive scents and less Erectile Dysfunction which is a symptom directly linked to heart disease. One of the underlying reason to avoid animal products is because they are high in fat and low in fiber. Vegetarians generally stay away from animal products because of its close association with cancer and other negative health issues. According to a study completed in the UK by Dr.

T. Colin Campbell vegetarian’s diet which consists of vegetables, fruits and whole grains are an impeccable source of nutrients for the body. These foods are low in fat and are a good source of fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. These food sources also enhance human energy. The main aspect of a balanced vegetarian diet is carbohydrates which is the basis for extreme stamina and energy.

Meat products contain poisons and toxins. A good example was the bacteria outbreak which was found to have originated in the Michigan Meat Processing Plant. From that outbreak nine people lost their lives and over fifty people were made ill. Other contaminants such as the Mad Cow Disease is caused by “cow cannibalism”, that’s when animals are feed the diseased flesh of dead animals of the same species.

This poison can cause memory loss, loss of body control or even death. Secondly, at least eighty percent of pig products carry parasites. Parasites are worms that live in the human digestive system.

These worms are called tapeworms. Tapeworms comes from eating meat. Parasites attach themselves to the intestine by stealing nutrients from food after it has been digested in the human body which can cause malnutrition.

Thirdly, meat products contain the greatest source of pesticides. Pesticides are linked to cancer, birth defects, and abortions and sometimes death in humans. Although some herbicides and pesticides are ingested from plant foods, studies have shown that more than eighty percent of dietary pesticides exposure comes from the digestion of meat. The human meat consumption practices have also taken a toll on the environment. The manufacturing, processing and dissemination of meat requires huge amounts of pesticides, fertilizer, energy, feed and water.

The procedures also release gases, manure and a range of toxic chemicals into the air. The “People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization” (PETA), said every time a person sits down to eat a meal containing meat, eggs, or dairy products they are dining on known carcinogens, bacteria, and other contaminants that can accumulate in the body and remain there for years. PETA also stated that animal products are full of bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, dioxins, and a host of other toxins that can cause real health issues in humans. A more recent research conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States discovered that the contribution of the livestock sector to global greenhouse surpasses the gas emissions of transportation. Emissions from the generation of beef and lamb are 250 times higher than those from vegetables, per gram of protein, and pork and poultry are 40 times higher than vegetables.In the past research on vegetarianism traditionally concentrated on the potential nutritional deficiencies but now studies have been endorsing all the health benefits of meatless diets.

Researchers have also discovered that raw fruits and vegetables may be better for mental health than cooked, canned and processed fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian diets if appropriately planned and carefully followed can prove to be nutritionally adequate and will provide a number of health benefits. The overall conclusion is you are the only one who can decide if vegetarianism is for you. But if a healthier way of life is one of your goals.

The proven way to guard yourself from unsafe chemicals found in animal products is to become a vegetarian. Eating vegetables is much healthier, the evidence is overwhelming. Studies and researchers have shown that consuming meat is bad for the human body and the environment. And contrary to what some may think, a vegetarian diet is very enjoyable and the nutrients are an excellent source of energy for humans. References:Essays, UK. (November 2013).

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