TITLE aim of creating a 50-50 balance,but

Challenges of work life balance among working students

The 21st century employee is faced with a lot of competing responsibilities in their life.
Work life balance generally refers to the attainment of a comfortable state of equality between an employee’s primary priorities of their employment position and their private lifestyle. It is the arrangement of an individual on-the-job and private time to facilitate good health and personal satisfaction without impacting productivity and career success.

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A working student combines studies with work.This study seeks to find out what challenges working students face and what motivates them to keep on going with both work life and school life.

Work-life balance is the concept of being able to split work and personal life with the aim of creating a 50-50 balance,but one thing that makes this hard is that real life is messy and amorphous.Amorphous meaning life changes every day.No day is the same, even with the help of schedules and routines. You are constantly being pulled in different directions.So for a working students this might be a big or small challenge depending on the person.

Balance is personal. It is what you decide works for you.Everyone’s job is different. Your role in the company, your position in the company, the industry you are in, your family situation, your hobbies and interests and everything else that defines you is unique.

Medical professionals like psychologists agree that the demands of a career should not overwhelm the individual’s ability to enjoy a fulfilling personal life outside the business environment.

A working student might see life in a different light than a non working student.Full time and part time students have experienced different but equal demands on time and were equally at risk of overload.This happens because when they go to work and study in the evening energy levels were not the same and this affected productivity.Even when it was the vice versa and they have morning classes and work in the evening their productivity was challenged.

Workload includes mental and physical effort required by the job task, but is also concerned with the amount of work required to be done.

Workload has been found to go hand in hand with job dissatisfaction as well as other work strains and a lot of work demands may translate into „job pressure? which may end in unexpected costs to the organization such as high absenteeism or staff turnover, ill health or pay rise demands.A descriptive research was used and a survey launched among working students. A sample was constructed from three universities; Strathmore University, United States International University and Kenyatta University town campus and a sample of 150 respondents. A total of 87 students responded.

The data collected through questionnaires was analyzed and presented using descriptive ways.The findings of the study indicate that work affects the studies and life of students through missing classes because of work, getting late to class and having to make up for time spent at the university by working overtime and over weekends thus cutting time spent with family and friends
Studies affect work and life by students wanting to leave the office earlier than the stipulated time and opting for unpaid leave which affects their work plan and time for recreational activities.

But apart from this there are universal benefits of attaining work balance.

First, is reduced burn-out where individuals reduce the incidents of finding themselves overwhelmed and losing control of their lives. Burnouts are a recipe for stress and depression.

Secondly, work-life balance results in increased productivity of the individual and consequently impact positively on the organisational output.

Thirdly, absenteeism is curtailed as an individual’s level of engagement is improved since they now enjoy both their work life and their personal life. It is worth noting that poor work-life balance contributes to employee apathy, making them lethargic and unmotivated.

Reduced turnover is another benefit of work-life balance. Organisations that promote both the work and the personal welfare of their employees earn their place as employers of choice and are, therefore, rewarded by their employees with improved commitment.

But companies are coming up with work life initiatives, which include strategies, policies, programs and practices which are initiated and maintained in workplaces to address the gap and provide flexibility, quality of work life and work family conflict. Work life balance is therefore about employees having a measure of control on when, where and how they work.

There has been an organisation that has been trying to make a difference in kenya relating to work life.The name of the organisation is Management sciences of health(MSH).

It has been in existence for almost 40 years.

Their mission is to save lives and improve the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health. MSH works collaboratively with health care policy-makers, managers, providers, and consumers to help close the gap between knowledge and action in the field of public health. MSH seeks to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of health and family planning services by improving their management; to promote access to these services; and to influence public policy.

MSH activities focus on educating health care managers, providers, and consumers through training, publications, electronic media, and conferences; applying practical management skills to public health problems in both the public and private sectors; strengthening the technical and management capabilities of individuals and institutions through collaborative work and training programs; discovering, applying, and replicating innovations in health management.

Despite MSH developing strategies and policies that encourage work life balance, the uptake of the same has been slow therefore the researcher aims at investigating the factors affecting work life balance and look into management practices and support on work life balance.

Working students challenges seem not to end any time soon but effort are being made to make sure that their challenges can be made a little bit easier.

The findings of this study is to create awareness and provide information to working students on how they can balance their work life and student life.This study also tries to shed light on the unknown challenges that working students face not only in their day to day life but also tries to show benefits that can come off balancing both worlds that is school life and work life
The findings of this study can also be useful to an organization especially to the human resource department involved in the development and implementation of work-life balance policies for their agencies to understand the policies and any amendment to be made for its full use.

In an academic view this study tries to contribute to debates of work-life balance and provoke the why question that could form the basis for future explanatory research.This means that future generations may look back and critique why and may also use the research and use it as a foundation on their research.

My method of presentation will be print proposal(Feature story).

The reason for using print is because print takes large amount of data and reduces it into meaningful,desirable and measurable information.

Basically print for examples takes an interview that lasted 30 minutes and summarizes it all in one paragraph.

Working students continue to experience major conflicts trying to balance work, school, and other private matters related to their life. As a result, employee burnout, stress, and under performance continues to bring about challenging constructive performance and productivity programs instituted by organizations.

Therefore, the study aims to look at the extent to which the working student can provide a healthy work-life balance for their own success and the organization.

Researchers have stated that the factors that affect work school balance are work role,both in school and at work.

For example more assignments at the office and in school may affect the person in that he or she may need to put in more time to effectively finish the job.This leads to one,more time on one project and dismissing the other or this leads to less time taken on one project while valuing the other more.

Work role also has an effect for example a finance manager who needs to be in the office most of the time making sure that activities run smoothly but at the same time he is a student who is pursuing a masters in business administration may find it hard to balance both because of the work role.

In this study, workload has to be approached holistically through analysis that takes into account the overall measure seen as the result of a combining factors which are inherent in the work situation that lead to work life balance.

General objective
The objectives of this study was to assess the challenges of work life balance among working students.This assessment was going to give the reader or viewer of this document a glimpse of what it really means to juggle both work life and school life.

Specific objectives
It also specifically assess the mental and physical health of the individual,while informing you of the ways you can prevent these challenges from occurring.

This study also portrays the relationship among variables such as career or professional experiences,the class of the working student and the demographics of the working student.

This study also gives an access to agencies that have been on the forefront,in making a difference when it comes to balancing both work life and working student.It gives examples such as the management sciences of health where they have been trying to tackle this matter as it is in their core values,which serve in public health.

This study was not just a show of the challenges that working students face but was also a way to empower working students be able both their professional life and school life while improving their overall performance.

This can be seen in the universal benefits of work life balance,which help the individual to get hold of their life and not spiral out of control.

The challenges that working students face are able to be solved.Researchers have found ways to make their life much easier by prioritizing time and importance.This means that if your classes last for three hours and you work for eight hours then you should prioritize work first then classes so as to keep time and importance.So you can decide to go to class in the morning then go to work as in the morning you mind is fresh.If this is not possible then you can go to work first but make sure that you leave early so as you factor time which is your commute and a chance to prepare yourself mentally for class.So you prioritize in two ways time and importance.

Researchers use qualitative research methods which help gain an understanding of the structure,the order, and broad patterns found among a group of participants in the research study (Hunt, 2011).
According to researchers, qualitative research is the same as opening a box of organizational processes of the how, who, and why a collective and individual with organized action develops over time in context. Qualitative research methods allow researchers to understand the experiences from the views of the participants in a well formulated and specific social grounds.

In this study the fundamental objective is to explore the challenges in activity, process, or individuals by collecting full and detailed information about individuals


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